Pitching Lab 2024

47th Drama International Short Film Festival
2 – 8 September 2024

11 years Drama Pitching Lab / Forum

Mastering the Art of Pitching is a necessary process on the journey to seeing your initial idea transformed into a movie. There are no quick fixes that define a great pitch, but there is a definite path that leads to successfully communicating the crux of your idea and story.

Barbara Dukas – Pitching Lab conductor

Selection results for the Pitching LAB 2024

We are thrilled with the response of filmmakers from all over the world who have honoured us with their trust by sending us really interesting and original projects.

As expected, the concerns and anxieties that are spread all over the planet are reflected in the stories of the creators, and so, apart from the always topical personal stories, projects for coming-of-age films, social issues such as the displacement of populations and impoverishment, a multitude of scripts have dealt in various ways with the anxiety about the future of the planet and its possible eschatological course.

Genres such as thriller, sci-fi, metaphysical and poetic elements, as well as the management of landscapes and areas far from the big cities, leading to atmospheric contemporary westerns, projects that take into account the new data in social consciousness about the need to include and accept people with special needs and illnesses that once even their name had to be kept in silence, but also projects using new cutting-edge technologies and their creative use in filmmaking, gave us a variety of extremely interesting projects, making it hard for us to choose.

So out of almost 100 entries, the 10 projects that will compete in Drama are the following:

  1. Broken Honor by Arthur De Weerdt και Daniel de Weerdt – The Netherlands
  2. Gazelle by Saman Hosseinpuor – Iran
  3. The Unseen Battles by Sennet Ntimane – South Africa
  4. The Prodigal 12% by Megan Smith – United Kingdom
  5. Taxi Driver’s Turn or 24 Hours without Popi by Karina Logothetis – Greece
  6. 15:16 by Konstantinos P. Kakarountas – Greece
  7. Meadow Mice by Ilayda Iseri – Turkey
  8. Another Day of Something Unusual by Sesarini και Ali Azca – Indonesia
  9. Blühen by Kostis Charamountanis – Greece
  10. Clinic by Penelope Mavropsaridi – Greece

We have also selected 6 Greek projects for the Athens Pitching Lab, which will be held for the third consecutive year, accompanying the award-winning films of Drama to Athens, a promising event that emphasizes the development of the projects’ scripts, aiming to boost Greek production. The 6 projects:

  1. Dreams of Copper by Spyros Christoforatos
  2. Disowned by Anna Maria Dimitropoulou
  3. Meridian by Markela Kontaratou
  4. Adespotos (Stray) by Anastasia Gkivalou
  5. Feride, My Love by Dina Koumbolis and Christos Dimas
  6. Hot Water by Krysianna Papadakis

Barbara Dukas
DISFF Head of Educational Programme


In the following link you can find four training videos by the Head of the programme Barbara Dukas and Pitching Lab instructors Georgina Kakoudaki, Stathis Paraskevopoulos and John Stephens, explaining the significance of pitching an idea for a film, a glimpse of the workshops that are going to take place the Drama Film Festival Pitching Lab.