Pitching Lab

44th Drama International Short Film Festival
12-18 September 2021

The International Drama Short Film Festival is happy to announce the projects that have been selected to participate in this year’s 8th Pitching Lab & Forum, which will be held from September 13-17, online and in person in the city of Drama.

119 projects were submitted from around the world (Europe, Canada, India, Japan, Tibet, South Africa, Egypt, Cameroon, United Kingdom, Turkey, Albania, Colombia, Serbia, Armenia, and of course Greece and Cyprus). A wide range of themes, genres and ideas, was the hallmark of this year’s submissions that seems to have supported the development of innovative projects, in particular raising awareness on the relationship between humans and nature, the idea of personal and collective freedom, women’s empowerment and presence, as well as highlighting historical and social events. This has made the selection of our 15 finalists, particularly difficult and challenging

As a consequence, the Educational Program of the Festival, supported by the Ministry of Culture, institutions such as EKK (Greek Film Centre), EKOME (National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication) and our permanent sponsors of the Festival such as Raycap and Finos Film , will provide further opportunities throughout the year, to support the development and enhancement of additional projects, that have been submitted in order to allow creators to connect with the global market, and the new reality of short film production and distribution which is developing at an ever-increasing pace.

Barbara Dukas
LAB / Head of Educational Program

  1. Brakwater by Devon Delmar & Jason Jacobs Scriptwriters & Directors – FICTION / SOUTH AFRICA
  2. The Lost Homeland by Mikael Nilsson Scriptwriter / Director / Producer – DOCUMENTARY / SWEDEN
  3. The Psychopathology of a Cock by Vasia Ntoulia & Petros Kolotouros Directors, Dimitra MaragkakiScriptwriterFICTION /GREECE
  4. Footprints by Tathagata Ghosh Scriptwriter & Director – FICTION / INDIA
  5. Carlito (or How I Became A Dog Abuser) by Ivana Janošev Director & Producer – DOCUMENTARY / SERBIA
  6. My dream to fly by Asmaa Gamal Director – DOCUMENTARY / EGYPT
  7. When Sotiris and Eleni… sneaked out through the balcony door by Athanasia Michopoulou Scriptwriter & Director – FICTION / GREECE
  8. The Killer California Club by Vitória Vasconcellos Scriptwriter & Director – FICTION / USA
  9. Went to Heaven by Nicolas Sole Scriptwriter & Director – ANIMATION / SPAIN
  10. White Christmas by Antonios Vallindras Director FICTION / GREECE
  11. Neek by Peiman Zekavat Director FICTION / UK
  12. Mother, Just a smile by Cyrielle Raingou Scriptwriter & Director – DOCUMENTARY/ PORTUGAL / CAMEROON
  13. The Return by Athena Mandis Scriptwriter & Director FICTION / UK
  14. The Sea has No Colour byTheo Panagopoulos Scriptwriter & Director FICTION /GREECE
  15. Silenced by Nare Leone Ter-Gabrielyan Scriptwriter & Director FICTION / ARMENIA

 8th edition this year for Drama Pitching Lab and Forum, as part of the 44th  Drama Short Film Festival – DISFF (September 12-18, 2021). The Pitching Lab/Forum  will be conducted EXCLUSIVELY in English.


4-day PITCHING Workshop for projects (short fiction or animation up to 20’/documentaries up to 30′)


The Pitching Forum will be held on line, on Friday, September 17, with the participation of financiers, producers, festival directors and other experts.

  •  Presentation time for each project 5 ’
  • Q&A  time  5 ‘

Awards: cash prize, contribution in the production & in the development, post production services
Pitching Lab Conductor: Barbara Dukas



to ASMAA GAMAL for the project: MY DREAM TO FLY from Egypt
The prize is accompanied by a prize of 2000 euros from FINOS FILM


to TATHAGATA GHOSH for the project: FOOTPRINTS from India
The prize is accompanied by a prize of 2000 euros from EKK