Short and Green 2022

45th Drama International Short Film Festival

International Competition Programme – Environmental Awareness Films “Short and Green”

In its second year, the competition programme Short and Green includes 12 films from all different genres: 7 fiction films, 4 documentaries and 1 animation, representing geographically 10 countries and dealing with climate change, the destructive intervention of human activity on the natural environment, focusing on but also challenging our conception of the relationship between human and nature. Short and Green is followed by two side events in collaboration with Organization Earth Greece: An open discussion bringing together NGO representatives under the topic “Culture as a tool for the development of public green space” and a workshop for children on environmental issues, titled “Little Farmers”.

Head Programmer: Vassilis Terzopoulos

Vassilis Terzopoulos is a Festival programmer and organiser and a published writer. He is working for DISFF since 2005 and for Thessaloniki Film and Documentary Festivals since 2010. He has published five children’s books and short stories in literary magazines and websites.

01 “Gardens Petrified”, Turkey, Ali Cabbar
02 “Aralkum”, Uzbekistan, Daniel Asadi Faezi, Mila Zhluktenko
03 “In Vain”, Greece, Anastasia Melia Eleftheriou
04 “Autosaurus Rex”, Switzerland, Marcel Barelli
05 “Sirens”, Germany, Ilaria Di Carlo
06 “Under the Lake”, Greece, Thanasis Trouboukis
07 “Toxic Neighbour”, Canada, Colin Scheyen
08 “Magma”, Austria, Manuel Wetscher
09 “Turbulent waters”, Finland, Elena Näsänen
10 “Summer of Bees”, Finland, Ida-Maria Olva
11 “Myosotis”, Switzerland, Michael Schwendinger
12 “Berry Pickers”, Sweden, Agnes Skonare Karlsson

Short & Green Jury:

Yannis Economides,  film director
Nadia Kontogeorgi, actress
Dejan Dabic
Animator, Film Critic,  Artistic Director of the Μartovski Documentary & Short Film Festival (Belgrade- Serbia)