Short & Green 2023

46th Drama International Short Film Festival

International Competition Programme – Environmental Awareness Films “Short and Green”

The third edition of Short and Green international competition programme, featuring environmental awareness films, brings to the viewers of Drama International Short Film Festival a manifold mosaic of images, a resonant polyphony of ideas, film techniques, and different takes on topical issues that are relevant both to us and to the future of our planet.

Fifteen films selected from the Festival entries, each with its own format, perspective and approach to the themes cutting across this particular programme, make up a chain of triggers and considerations, endeavouring not to rebuke anyone, but to entice them into a less ordinary cinematic journey, and instil in them a grain for redefining their rapport to the natural environment.

From Finland to Israel, from Iran to Mexico, from China to Chile and Rwanda, the broad geographical scope of these fifteen films creates in itself an extremely interesting medley of perceptions proposed by the younger generation of filmmakers vis-à-vis this particular theme. Animation films that transcend conventional rules of realism and communicate their message by putting a smile on the viewer’s face, documentary films that attest to a shocking, awakening truth and, finally, fiction films that employ allegory, all sorts of love stories but also humour, to leave it up to the audience whether to identify, sympathize or just observe.

To paraphrase by a few words the minutes of the celebratory session of the General Assembly of the United Nations in October 1970, we are convinced that “if cinema can’t do anything else, it can at least serve a vital purpose: be a wake-up call”.

Vassilis Terzopoulos
Head Programmer Short and Green

  1. This is not a place for you by Ceyda Aşar, Turkey
  2. A queen by Benjamin Behaeghel, France
  3. Terra mater by Kantarama Gahigiri, Rwanda
  4. Bumbumpapá by Alexis Gómez, Mexico
  5. Fantasmagoría by Juan Francisco González, Chile
  6. Luthier by Carlos González Penagos, Colombia
  7. Nool by May Grosman, Israel
  8. Strangers in the dark by Perttu Inkilä, Jenni Pystynen, Finland
  9. Bégan by Maria Jorge, Portugal
  10. Time to live by Hawar Rehimi, Iraq, Iran
  11. Happy by Laura Rindlisbacher, UK
  12. Seagulls scream on the weekend by Maria Stuut, Frederik Stuut, Netherlands
  13. Lumen by Eirini Tzoulia, Greece
  14. Eina by Michael Vella, Tommy Vella, Germany
  15. The wheat will not be golden by Guoxin Wang, China