Short and Green

44th Drama International Short Film Festival

International Environmental Awareness Short Film Competition “Short and Green”

There are 14 short films from 12 countries, from all cinematic genres: Fiction (9), Documentary (2), Animation (3), which were selected among 76 short films.

The Jury consists of:

  • José Manuel Abad Liñan – Journalist for El Pais, specializing in science and culture, Spain
  • Panagos Joachim – Actor, Greece
  • Dimitris Kazakis – Member of the Ecological Movement of Drama – Teacher, Greece
  • Eleftheria (Lila) Tsatsi – Activist

The establishment of the new section is accompanied by a series of environmental actions, in order to reduce the environmental footprint of the Festival.

  1. ANTICLINE by João Gil, Portugal
  2. CONTAINERS by Katerina Charalambidou, Greece
  3. EARTHBOUND by Baker Karim, Sweden
  4. MELINA by David Valolao, Italy
  5. MIGRANTS by Hugo Caby, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak, Lucas Lermytte, Zoé Devise, France
  6. PATH byPradip Kurbah, India
  7. S.O.S. by Sarah Hafner, France
  8. SCREAM FOR ICE by Emir Aytemür, Turkey
  9. SEA & SKY by Roberto Zamora, Rocío Huerta, Chile
  10. SHIFT by Zach Fenlon, Canada
  11. THE BIG GREEN by Laurenzo Massoni, France
  12. THE HEAVENS by Manuel Marini, Italy
  13. THE PLEASURE OF KILLING BUGS by Leonardo Martinelli, Brazil
  14. THE SINKING AIRSHIP by Ivan Dubrovin, Germany
short and green