National Student Competition 2022

45th Drama International Short Film Festival

20 short films made by 10 male and 10 female directors are going to compete in this programme.

The Head programmer  of the National Student Programme is Panagiotis  Iosifelis, screenwriter, Associate Professor of Screenwriting at the Department of Cinema, School of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Coordinator and Professor Advisor at the Postgraduate course DGR 61 in the program “Creative Writing” of the University of Athens and of P.D.M., and Scientific Officer and Professor of the Institutional Postgraduate Program “Creative Writing” of P.D.M. and AUTh in the Screenplay course.

Jury of the National & International Student programme:

Αrgyris Papadimitropoulos, Film director
Themis Bazaka
Lena Divani Writer

01 «Αstoria», Gabriel Athansiou
02 «Τrixes», Ioanna Digenaki
03 «Love you more than Peanut Butter», Αriadni-Αggeliki Thyfronitou- Litou
04 «Bicycle», Stathis Kaloudis
05 «Crossroad», John Conini
06 «Like a king», Evangelia Koumantsioti
07 «Drama during the Pandemic», Yorgos Konstantinou
08 «A wish beyond death», Anna-Maria Leventi
09 «Τhe contract», Stelios Leris
10 «Sun and Shadow», Μelina Loukanidou
11 «Hussies», Despina Mavridou
12 «August Nights», Alkisti Michalopoulou
13 «REVOLLUSION», Christos Bosmos
14 «The beginning», Yorgos Nikolopoulos
15 «Looking for Joy», Anna Oikonomou
16 «All that remains», Semeli Safou
17 «Salted Lake», Alexandros Antonios Scholz
18 «The canvas», Κostas Spanoudakis
19 «Do nothing», Μaria Fouraki
20 « Sammer», Stelios Christophorou

The 45th Drama International Short Film Festival will be held on 5th – 11th September 2022. The festival’s opening event will take place on Monday 5th September, while the awards ceremony will take place on Sunday, 11th September.