International Student Competition 2023

46th Drama International Short Film Festival

For the 4th year in a row, the Student International Competition programme of the 46th Drama International Short Film Festival, consists of thrilling, important films! This year, we focus on animals: lizards, cows, fish, urchins and their relationship with us, humans. Lots of love, but also violence. In addition, we will enjoy films about the much-discussed diversity and about human sexuality in all its aspects. Some of the films deal with themes that are classical in a way, talking about political issues or others about human relations and their difficulty. Regardless of their thematic, my great joy comes from the fact that we found films that approach their subject in an authentic, modern and artistically bold way. We met young filmmakers, who are worthy representatives of their time and generation and who, I hope, will continue to tell cinematic stories with the same sensitivity and interest.

Thanasis Neofotistos
Head Programmer of Student International Competition Section

  1. Klette by Michael Abay, Belgium
  2. Bad kids with saint names by Vicky Anastasiadou, Greece
  3. Phalène by Sarah-Anaïs Desbenoit, France
  4. Kokuryo: the untold story of bb. Undas 2019 by Diokko Manuel Dionisio, Philippines
  5. δ by Julia Diệp My Feige, Germany
  6. Carp xmass by Anna Heribanová, Czech Republic
  7. Suitcase by Saman Hosseinpuor – Ako Zandkarimi, Iran
  8. Xiaohui and his cows by Xinying Lao, China
  9. Ánima by Manuel Mateo, Cuba
  10. The things to come by Santiago Ráfales, Spain
  11. I asked him to take me dancing by Hillel Rate, Israel
  12. Sea urchin by Alex Scholz, Greece
  13. Dancing on the grave by Ana Šiškov, Croatia
  14. Opening night by Sara Szymanski, Poland