International Student Competition 2022

45th Drama International Short Film Festival

In the International Students Program the selection involves 14 films, with the participation of two Greek female directors:  Ariadni-Angeliki Thiphronitou-Litou with “Love you more than peanut butter” and Semeli Saphou with “All that Remains”.

The International Students Jury Committee:

Argiris Papadimitropoulos (President), Film Director
Themis Bazaka, Actress
Lena Divani, Writer

According to Thanassis Neophotistos, Head of the International Students Program: “In this year’s edition we’re going to watch films about the much-debated diversity, the human sexuality manifested in all sorts of ways, the most pressing political issues, the challenging human relations. In all those films, their themes are treated in an authentic, modern and bold in terms of artistic expression. We met new filmmakers, truly notable representatives of their era and their generation, which I really hope that they will keep telling their stories in cinema showing the same sensitivity and interest. All of the above are happening under the umbrella of the Festival’s new initiative: the Students Campus, with the aspiration to turn the city of Drama into a meeting point involving a cultural and ideas exchange of among the new filmmakers!”


  1. “On the Εdge”, Matteo Sanders (Austria)
  2. “Before Pandemic and War, There Were Βed Βugs and Love!”, Nuruzzaman Khan (Lithuania – Bangladesh)
  3. “Matapacos”, Karla Riebartsch -Lion Durst (Germany)
  4. “All that Remains”, Semeli Saphou (Greece)
  5. “I Should Feed my Cat”, Abram Cedra (Belgium)
  6. “An Extra Day in Prague”, Jacob Ramsay (Czech Republic)
  7. “Darker”, Frank Van Den Bogaart (Belgium)
  8. “The Dependent Variables”, Lorenzo Tardella  (Italy)
  9. “Laika & Nemo”, Jan Gadermann – Sebastian Gadow (Germany)
  10. “Lonely Fans”, David Oesch (Switzerland)
  11. “Corrupted”, Juan Cifuentes Mera (Chile)
  12. “Any Place”, Minerva Rivera Bolaños (Mexico)
  13. “Love you More than Peanut Butter”, Ariadni-Angeliki Thiphronitou-Litou (Greece)
  14. “After a Room”, Naomi Pacifique (Netherlands)