International Student Competition

43rd Drama International Short Film Festival (DISFF)

The International Student Competition is a brand new initiative and one of the most promising programs of the Drama International Film Festival. Film Schools from around the world and Greece will participate. It’s an ambitious step/project aiming to underline the outwardness of the DISFF and goes hand in hand with the outwardness characterizing Greek cinema over the last ten years.

The International Student Competition, as well as the upcoming establishment of the Film School in Drama, will form an educational background for Cinema. This will offer participants the opportunity to be exposed to one of the major ways in which the Film Industry functions today.

Besides, the new festival aims to be a forum for young promising filmmakers – the future of cinema, to show their work and hopefully it will give rise to new film trends. Last but not least, this new department will offer the DISFF a further enhance its status as asset in its fair claim for a place as one of the leading Short Film Festivals in Europe.

International Student Competition will take place along with the National, and the International Competitions of the 43rd Drama Short Film Festival from 20th to 26th September 2020.