National Competition 2023

46th Drama International Short Film Festival

35 films, directed by 26 men and 13 women, participate in the National Competition Program.

As Yannis Sakaridis points out: “Short film directors stand out for their creative flair, their sensitivity in reaching out to audiences and their ability to transmit a wealth of experiences and emotions within the span of a few minutes.

Short films enable filmmakers to delve into profoundly significant topics which they go on to crystallise into solid and poignant scripts. Directing a short is a clear challenge as filmmakers are required to pick those moments that can best carry the weight of the story.

Directing a short film requires precision and narrative economy.

In the words of my predecessor, Antonis Papadopoulos, also a director, a short film is an “instant-return project”. It is a film that can be made within a short time, yet it encapsulates the social, economic and intellectual conditions of an entire country, turning the DISFF big screen into a mirror of society, sometimes realistically and other times in a lyrical way.

This year, we have watched films probing deep into psychological and social issues, calling attention to solitude, abandonment, abuse, toxic masculinity. Exploration of sexuality and sexism take up a good part of this edition’s choice of themes, even as problematic family relations, separation and mourning management are seen to inspire yet again the creatives of shorts. The variety of films includes superb comedies, experimental shorts and robust documentaries.

DISFF is now an Oscar® qualifying festival, therefore the winners of the National Competition programme become eligible for an Academy Award nomination.

We are hopeful that this year too the festival will give new wings to Greek cinema and become a source of positive energy”.

Yannis Sakaridis
Film Director & DISFF Artistic Director

01. Unorthodox by Konstantinos Antonopoulos
02. My name is Anti by Andreas Vakalios, Fili Olsefski
03. White Christmas 1948 by Antonios Vallindras
04. Good Girls Club: A Virginity Odyssey by Lida Vartzioti, Dimitris Tsakaleas
05. Antilopi by Alexandros Voulgaris – The Boy
06. Light of Light by Neritan Zinxhiria 
07. Arizones by Giorgos Iliopoulos
08. Wings by Fivos Imellos
09. A piece of liberty by Antigoni Kapaka
10. End of August by Antzelika Katsa
11. Τhe armchair on the pavement by Mary Kolonia
12. Aerolin by Alexis Koukias-Pantelis
13. Super by Nikolas Kouloglou
14. Pick a hand by Stavros Kostopoulos
15. Please wait by Karina Logothetis
16. Midnight Skin by Manolis Mavris
17. If I tell you my memories by Maria Elena Mitrodima
18. Flux by Giorgos Bougioukos
19. À deux voix by Martha Bouziouri
20. Athalassa by Argyro Nicolaou
21. L’acqua che passa / Deep Sea by Kallia Papadaki
22. Bearcave by Krysianna Papadakis, Stergios Dinopoulos
23. Firebug by Alexandros Papathanasopoulos
24. Short draft by Spyridon Papaspyrou
25. Mailman by Nicholas G. Pelecanos
26. The thief by Matteo Pizzocaro
27. Until you see me by Eleanna Santorinaiou
28. Walls by Christos Sarris
29. Cargo by Yorgos Servetas
30. Womb by Themos Skandamis
31. Buffer Zone by Savvas Stavrou
32. Dyosmos by Alexandros Georgios Sotiropoulos
33. The first setting sun of summerby Asteris Tziolas
34. Crossing by Aineias Tsamatis, Katerina Mavrogeorgi
35. Fracture by Panagiotis Fafoutis

The competition programs of DISFF 46