National Competition

43rd Drama International Short Film Festival (DISFF)

275 is the number of applications for this year’s festival in the National Competition.

Despite the adverse conditions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, application numbers for the National Competition of the Drama Short Film Festival were at an all time high, reaching 275 versus last year’s 240.

This new record reveals the steady upward trend of Greek short film production, and, in this particular instance especially, the new creators’ need for artistic expression under unprecedented circumstances.

The new Artistic Director, Yannis Sakaridis, and his team, would like to thank Greek short film makers for their voluminous participation in the event and look forward to welcoming them to Drama.

The 275 applications comprise 153 fiction films, 53 documentaries, 51 experimental films, and 10 animation films. Of the 285 directors who applied, 193 (67.72%) are men, and 92 (32.28%) are women.

Drama Film Festival, the “natural” space of the short film, and the recipient of the total annual production, is here to spotlight new cinematic talent in the making, as well as promote the creation of short film as an autonomous category for filmmakers of all ages, and will always stand as supporter and advocate.

Out of all the films initially submitted to the 43rd National Competition, 34 will compete.

In the words of the Artistic Director, Yannis Sakaridis: “It’s a tight and carefully selected programme, apt to current circumstances which demand flexibility, leaving all options open, including the screening of the Competition in our city’s new open-air cinema”.

The preselection committee consisted of:
Sofia Exarchou, director, producer.
Yorgos Makris, actor, screenwriter.
Afroditi Nikolaidou, assistand professor at the University of Athens.
Panagiotis Fafoutis, director, producer.
and Drama Film Festival’s Artistic Director, director, and producer, Yannis Sakaridis.

43rd National Short Film qualifying committee choices:

1. GOADS by Baglanea Iris, fiction, 15′
2. PASHKA by Lipe Oltjon, fiction, 22′
3. MARE NOSTRUM by Anagnostou Dimitris, fiction, 26′
4. HAPPY by Anastasopoulou Giouli, fiction, 8′
5. ISKIOMA by Gerampinis Kostas, fiction, 15′
6. PAINTING FOR THE MAIN BEDROOM by Doulis Ilias, experimental, 3′
7. VOUTA by Zahos Dimitris, fiction, 18′
8. TEO, MY NEIGHBOR by Karteris Christos, documentary, 14′
9. POSTCARDS FROM HELLINIKON by Katerinopoulou Aphroditi, fiction, 23′
10. SEVARAMBES by Kontos George, animation, 11′
11. FIAT LUX by Korakianitis Yorgos, fiction, 10′
12. Ηρώ / by Koukias-Pantelis Alexis, fiction, 15′
13. OLD WEST by Kourti Despina, fiction, 18′
14. IN HER STEPS by Kratidi Anastasia, fiction, 24′
15. 54 / THE BLIND TURTLE AND THE ENDLESS SEA by Margara Isabella, fiction, 13′
16. MADONNA F64.0 by Markoulakis Stavros, fiction, 17′
17. BOURN by Moutsiakas Dimitris, fiction, 17′
18. WHEN I SMILE MY EYES CLOSE by Bolda Daniel, fiction, 17′
19. DAKAR by Moraitidis Stelios, fiction, 12′
20. HANSEL by Papageorgiou Vivian, fiction, 17′
21. ANAPAFSIS by Papagiannopoulos Dimitris, fiction, 17′
22. THE MEANING OF AUGUST by Papadakis Manos, fiction, 26′
23. MELATONIN by Pastras Nikos, fiction, 13′
24. BELLA by Petraki Thelyia, documentary, 24′
25. PREMIER AMOUR by Raftogiannis Haris, fiction, 15′
26. ANTIVIRUS by Sima Anastasia, fiction, 15′
27. HARMONICA MAN by Skouras Alexandros, fiction, 19′
28. THE WHEEL by Stefanakis Yannis, animation, 4′
29. QUALIA by Tatavlalis Thanasis, fiction, 17′
30. DEAR JOEL by Trouboukis Thanasis, documentary, 18′
31. ESCAPING THE FRAGILE PLANET by Tsimpinis Thanasis, fiction, 17′
32. ANTHOLOGY OF A BUTTERFLY by Charamountanis Kostis, experimental, 7′
33. THE MOUSE STORY by Christides Miltiades, fiction, 15′
34. THE CALL by Psaras Marios, fiction, 10′