The Traveller - Φεστιβάλ Ταινιών Μικρού Μήκους Δράμας

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The Traveller


Name: Pavla Klimešová / Veronika Jelšíková

Country: Τσεχία

Genre: Fantasy Short Film

Tagline: While transitioning to an unknown place an old man is being questioned to allocate him and his chaperone to a new purpose, only to find himself challenged by unexpected tasks again


Synopsis: A strange conversation about an old man’s lifetime scrutinized by the questions of an originally Swiss female clerk is only audible over Richard (85) living his lonely but satisfactory and always busy everyday work life in an enamel signs factory. He has a fable for finding precise perfection in every smallest detail in his past and planning that is about to be questioned. She is asking personal but depersonalised questions that no one likes to answer.
Richard is working on enamel signs, pretends to travel to any country he would like to for lunch breaks, chosen by sticking his finger randomly on the globe. This time it’s Switzerland – “the land of cheese soups”. His own pet zebra, which is in a way manufactured by his traveling artful mind as well, is accompanying him to a new world as a chaperone. His traveling dreams are about to become much more intense as he appears to arrive in a place of no return: heaven.
But heaven is delegating him to the maintenance department. After initial doubts he very quickly finds pleasure in his new purpose where redirecting the confused birds of the sky is part of the job. He realises he can finally travel the world applying the skills he has gathered his whole life with a perfectly well-arranged new workstation for making enamel signs to save the world!

Short cv: Veronika Jelšíková is young Producer and Director who studies at Producer’s Department at FAMU and for a year studied as exchange directing student at CalArts, Los Angeles, California. She worked on number of short films at FAMU for example Atlantis, 2003 (2017) - Official Selection at: Cannes Cinéfondation 2017, Karlovy Vary IFF. She directed short film Golden Delicious that participated in Nespresso Talents 2017 National and International vertical film selection. She participated in competition Young Directors organized by Audiovisual Producers’ Association, she shot short spot Advertising needs more women and won the competition with it. She is a Founder and Director of Telegram Lab Films, film & creative production company.
Golden Delicious:
 Advertising needs more women:

Short cv: Pavla Klimešová is young producer from the Czech Republic. She has a Journalism Degree from Charles University and Degree from Producer’s Department at FAMU. She worked at many international film festivals for example Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Febiofest Prague or One World International Human Rights Film Festival. As a production manager she made many short films at FAMU . She was production assistant on feature-length documentary Helena’s Law by director Petra Nesvačilová. Nowadays she works as executive producer on documentary about Czech mathematical genius and philanthropist Karel Janeček called Karel 21, directed by David Čálek.
Contact Information: Pavla Klimešová, Charlese de Gaulla 2, Prague 6, 160 00, +420 737 454 912,

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