The cage - Φεστιβάλ Ταινιών Μικρού Μήκους Δράμας

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The Cage


Name: Lucas Jatobá

Country: Ισπανία

Genre: Drama

Tagline: A man locks himself at home for punishment, but finds out that all he needs is self-forgiveness.


Synopsis: 40-year old Jose lives with his canary, Alfred, in an old  flat, from where they never, ever leave and only eventually receive the visit of a kind and older delivery woman that brings them food and essential supplies. Their ordinary life is changed when a mysterious parcel with a vinyl is delivered, without any information about the sender. As Jose plays the vinyl in his dusty record player, his childhood memories are triggered, bringing up feelings and emotions he had chosen to bury deep inside him long time ago.
As he listens to the music he remembers the time he nearly drowned in a waterfall while camping with his mum; and the traumatic moment when she told him she was not her biological mother and that it was all organized for him to go to an orphanage in the next few days, abandoning him and changing his destiny forever.
A few days later, Jose accidentally gets locked inside his bathroom,  finding himself in the company of his own ghosts, helpless and in despair. During this time, more memories come up, forcing him to find the inner strength to stand up and finally look in the eyes of his own dark side.

Short cv: Lucas is a Brazilian/Italian writer/director who started his carreer in filmmaking in 2015 and founded his own production company in 2016 - Living Library Films. He has lived and worked in Brazil, Italy, Spain and Australia in the last 12 years and now lives in Barcelona, Spain.
His latest short film, ‘Phenomenality’ (2017), had its World Premiere at the 16th San Francisco Documentary Festival (USA, 2017). It received the Audience Award at the DOC LA Festival (Los Angeles, USA, 2017), was Official Selection at Flickerfest Int. Short Film Festival (Academy Award® and BAFTA Accredited, Australia, 2018) among festival selections in over 10 countries like China, Israel, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Australia, USA, Portugal and Spain.

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