Scar - Φεστιβάλ Ταινιών Μικρού Μήκους Δράμας

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Name: Θάνος Ψυχογιός

Country: Ελλάδα

Genre: Black Comedy

Tagline: How hard can it be to erase your memories?


Synopsis: A cloudy morning at the cemetery of a neighborhood in the western part of Athens. A young man is there for a seemingly simple process, the exhumation of his grandmother. Yet things get complicated. The overweight body of his grandmother has not decomposed sufficiently. Now our hero, standing next to the sloppily covered remains, has to make up his mind fast about how to handle the situation.  
The two cemetery employees, the tactless but well-meaning grave digger and the strict, risk-averse bureaucrat who is the custodian, are not helpful. Should he pay to have her re-buried for some more time? Should he allow for her body to be put in place with other dead bodies to decompose (adialyta)? Should he allow for the process of decomposition to be speeded up (choneutiri)? What is the best way to deal with the remains of his grandmother?   

While the grandson is struggling to find the most dignified solution, to overcome the inhuman bureaucratic system and to control the resurgence of his childhood memories, nature, functioning as deus ex machina, brings matters to a resolution. A sudden rainstorm speeds up the decomposition process, giving the story an unexpected, realistic and tragicomic ending.

Screenwriter and Director’s Biography
Short cv: Thanos Psichogios, studied Political Science at the University of Athens and Filmmaking (MA) at the London Film School. His short films “Something will turn up” (2012) and “Carols” (2016) are adaptations of celebrated contemporary Greek literature and have won awards at international film festivals. He is currently developing the script for his first feature based on the critically acclaimed novel “Remember” which won an award at the Pack and Pitch program of Sarajevo Film Festival in 2018. His short “Scar” is based on the story by Christos Kythreotis that won the Greek State Award for Best Debut Author and Best Short Story by the British Council. It was awarded a co-production fund by the SEE Cinema Network and was selected to participate at the Film Forge Pitching Forum.

Producer Biography
Short cv: Olga Moustaki is studying Marketing and Communication at the Athens University of Economics and Business. She became part of the production company Bad Crowd in 2016. After being the assistant of the founding members of Bad Crowd, Nikos MOUSTAKAS and Nancy KOKOLAKI for two years, she is joining SCAR as a junior producer.
(As a Junior Producer/ Production Assistant/ Producers’ assistant)
In progress:
SCAR by Thanos PSICHOGIOS, short film supported by SEE Cinema
MEMORY RELOADED by P.PAPPAS-D.CHARALAMPOUS, a feature sci-fi film, a Greek-French- Romanian production, supported by the Greek Film Center and the Creative Europe Media Program.
MARKOS by Nikos SKARENTZOS, a documentary supported by Greek Film Center
SIX NIGHTS ON THE ACROPOLIS, a miniseries based on the novel of the same name by George SEFERIS, script Dimitris GIAMLOGLOU, direction Giannis DIAMANTOPOULOS, approved by ERT TV
In post-production:
A SIMPLE MAN (2018), by Tassos GERAKINIS, supported by the Greek film center & ERT broadcaster
I DREAMED OF A WHITE CHRISTMAS (2018), by Dimitris GIAMLOGLOU (supported by the Greek Film Center)
SIDEWAY, 2017, by Tayfun PIRSELIMOGLU, a feature film, a Turkish-Greek - French co - production supported by Turkish ministry of culture and Greek Film Center, premiere in Warsaw FF 2017

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