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Name:Danae Papaioannou
Country: Greece
Genre: Social Drama, Family Drama
Tagline: In a greek seaside town during low season, Jenny, a bar waitress, sees her life turned upside down by the sudden arrival of her estranged 14-year-old sister Eliza, who is in desperate need of a big favor… money for an abortion.
Synopsis: In a greek seaside town during low season, Jenny, a bar waitress, sees her life turned upside down by the unexpected arrival of her 14-year-old sister she hasn’t seen in many years. Eliza desperately needs to get an abortion. The local doctor refuses to help them without the approval of their parents, and Jenny must quickly find the means to get to Athens with her sister, before it’s too late.
Jenny takes Eliza into her home until she finds a solution, an small house filled with old knick-knacks and a petal-losing purple bougainvillea. She moves through the blue, red, and purple hues of her bar, between disco balls, broken video projectors and oppressive walls, in search of someone who could lend her the amount she needs for the trip. Her quest will lead her to face deceptions as well as surprises from her surroundings her, as she realizes no-one is what they really seem to be, especially when it comes to Spyros, her boss and new companion. On the other hand, there is more than meets the eye to Tasia, a transgender prostitute who regularly attends the bar.

The ordeal become a way for the two sisters to bond and rediscover each other. Jenny recognizes herself in this little sister who, just like her long ago, decided to run away from the pressure of her traditional family, after a very painful experience.
Cv of the author: Danae settled in Paris, France, in 2004 where she studied visual arts at Paris 8 Saint-Denis university, followed by film at ESEC Film School. Her films move on the border between video art and works of a more classical narrative structure, and have until now been self produced. Her filmography includes Daphne (not in your eyes), 2011, Dead Zone, 2012. Both films have screened in various festivals throughout Europe. Her most recent short film, Mad Dogs, was awarded for Best Cinematography & Second Prize for Best Short Film in National Competition during the 6th edition of Cyprus' International Short Film Festival.
She was part of Talents Sarajevo, which took place during the 22nd edition of Sarajevo Film Festival, 2016. She currently lives between Paris and Athens, turning to her homeland, Greece, as well as Cyprus, for inspiration and film production.

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