Mirror - Φεστιβάλ Ταινιών Μικρού Μήκους Δράμας

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Name: Alican Durbaş

Country: Τουρκία

Genre: war drama, magical realism

Tagline: With every step he takes on the minefield, a soldier comes across mirrors that stand as gates to his memories and dreams.


Synopsis: “Mirror” is a 10-minute long continuous take from the personal point of view of the main character. Inspired by Italo Calvino’s short story “Minefield”, the film is about the perilous walk of a soldier on a minefield. The film starts with the moment when the soldier steps on the mine and can’t walk backward and when his foot is totally paralyzed. At this short –either long- moment, before the soldier moves his foot, he stares at parts of his face via a pocket mirror and then, sees his childhood house image on the backside. He steps in his childhood house. He watches his body as a whole on a cheval glass in the entrance and witnesses a childhood memory he shared with his mother in the kitchen. When he comes back to the entrance, the cheval glass is like a doorstep that opens to a shore. The soldier’s reflection on the cheval glass becomes independent from the soldier himself, turns his back, and ricochets rocks on the shore. The soldier, who watches his reflection walking towards the sea and disappearing in the glass, turns his back too but finds himself again in the minefield. He adopts a securely walking-method by throwing a rock forward and walking towards it. He finally walks with steps faster, more confident until, as Calvino describes, “no one hand, a hundred hands seized him, each by the hair, and tore him head to foot, the way you tear up a sheet of paper, into hundred of little pieces”.

Short cv: Alican Durbaş was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1986. After graduating from Arts Management at Yeditepe University in Istanbul, he received his MA degree in Arts Management at the same department. Durbaş predominantly works on film and video. He made short films, which were screened in various film festivals. He participated in many exhibitions in Turkey and abroad with his video works. He shoot a documentary of City and Art Project consisting of a forum, introducing its workshops and exhibitions in five European cities organized by European Cultural Association and supported by the EU (2009). He attended the Berlinale Talents (in Sarajevo Film Festival) as a director, in 2011. He worked as an assistant director in some feature films like Taken 2, Skyfall, Dil Dhadakne Do, A War, Ali and Nino, The Ottoman Lieutenant, Butterflies and I Am You. He currently lives and works in Istanbul.
2017 – Soil (short experimental)
2012 – Akis (short fiction)
2010 – The Boat (short fiction/animation)
2009 – City and Art Documentary (documentary)
2008 – Papers (short fiction)
2016 – SURPLUS / REM Art Space, Istanbul, Turkey
2015 – PORT CITY TALKS. ISTANBUL. ANTWERP. / MAS – Museum Aan de Stroom, Antwerp, Belgium
2013 – CONNECTING THE DOTS: WORKSHOPS / Pera Museum, Istanbul, Turkey
2013 – WATER WORK / Siemens Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

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