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Imaginary friends

Αρχείο Φεστιβάλ > 40o - 23rd (2017) > 2017 > 4th Drama Pitching Lab & Forum > Selected Projects 2017



Name: Thanassis Troumboukis
Country: Greece
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Logline: A poor old fisherman loses his one and only friend and blames him for having betrayed their friendship.
Tagline: Imaginary friends never die.
Σύνοψη: Argyris (70) and Stavros (75) are both fishermen and friends. At nights, they go fishing to the Piraeus port, listening to radio, drinking beers and talking about their past. They don’t do anything else for a living. They have no family or friends. On one typical night, Argyris falls asleep on the beach chair. When he wakes up in the morning, he has a sea bream on his hook and Stavros is lying dead on the chair. Argyris calls the police and leaves the place. Next morning, he secretly goes to his funeral and when everyone has left, he approaches Stavros grave and blames him for having betrayed their friendship. Going back to his trailer, he packs up his fishing gears being convinced that he will never go fishing again. On the same night, he enters a bar to have some drinks trying to forget. He tells the barman the whole story about how he met Stavros and how good friends they were. Argyris goes back to their old haunt for fishing again. Being exhausted, he meets his old friend to take up their discussion from where they left it.
CV: Thanasis Trouboukis was born in Athens. He works as a freelance cinematographer and film director. He has studied filmmaking (directing and screenwriting) in Athens at Hellenic Cinema and Television School Stavrakos (H.C.T.T.S.). He has also studied Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics at the University of Patras. His short films have participated in several international film festivals. At the moment, he is working on his next short film.
“Whale 52” (2016)
“Vandals’ Era” (2015)

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