DISFF – PITCHING LAB – Training Videos

Mastering the Art of Pitching is a necessary process on the journey to seeing your initial idea transformed into a movie. There are no quick fixes that define a great pitch, but there is a definite path that leads to successfully communicating the crux of your idea and story.
Barbara Dukas – Pitching Lab conductor

DISFF’s PITCHING LAB is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

During these years of operation, has received over 800 projects, literally from the four corners of the earth. Over 100 Greek and international participants have been trained and competed in Drama, while so far 25 short films with a variety of themes, genres and ideas.

With the following training videos, we will try to introduce you to our instructors, and some of the elements of their courses, about dramaturgy, content, structure and general rules that are good to compose a proposal for a film project.

We hope to help you finalize the ideas and proposals, which will grow PITCHING LAB’s multi-national company and encourage filmmakers from all over the world to find the way to express their dreams.

The training videos were directed by Ari Kaplanidis and Ilias Roumeliotis, renowned creators of animation films, who were themselves in the past, special participants of the Pitching Lab.

Watch with us the Pitching Lab instructors of the International Short Drama Festival:

1. Barbara Dukas : ‘Pitch – The necessary evil!’

Barbara Dukas : ‘Pitch - The necessary evil!’

2. Georgina Kakoudaki: ‘Make your idea yours’

Georgina Kakoudaki: ‘Make your idea yours’

3. John Stephens : ‘Loglines: why they matter and how to write one’

John Stephens : ‘Loglines: why they matter and how to write one’

4. Stathis Paraskevopoulos: ‘Do I really need a Pitch?’

Stathis Paraskevopoulos: ‘ Do I really need a Pitch?’

ANIMATION – Training Video

Still Care in AnimaCity

In the animation series “Still Care in AnimaCity” the information about each case that Still is asked to solve is given modularly in the flow of the plot. They correspond to specific creation instructions with the corresponding worksheets that accompany the series and are freely available on its website. This way the individual animation modules correspond to the available animation worksheets.

This movie is an excerpt from the English version of the series and corresponds to the worksheet: Give your hero an identity.
you can find the worksheet at:


Worksheet 1_THE ID CARD-