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The Tiganitis


Name: Christos Rahiotis

Country: Greece

Genre: Drama - Documentary

Tagline: A story of revenge from the past is a source of inspiration against violence.

Logline: A documentary about a self-managed group with a name "Tiganitis" and its actions against totalitarianism and violence. "Tiganitis",  was  a man who lived in Anogia of Crete during the Second World War. So, at the same time  with the documentary, we are  attending the story of  this shy and introverted person, who gave his own answer to betrayal. The serious story of a man with a funny name, the "Tiganitis".

Synopsis: "Tiganitis", shy, and introverted by a little boy, loved football. But he did not have a special talent, so the other children of the village (somewhere in Anogia in 1943-44) were more tolerant of him than playing with him. Being shy (maybe even cowardly) tolerated this behavior. Only in a way he lost his cowardice when faced face to face, very close to one another person.
During the occupation (1942-43), in a fιeld in Anogia the "T" with his brother and other children play soccer. The ball goes away and his brother caught it. There he falls on two members of “ΕΛΑΣ” (a antifascist military group) who ask for water and food. He helps them but he sees one of the guys in the ball, "M." (the traitor). A few days later the Germans arrest mens and childrens of the village, including "Tiganitis"  brother and execute them.
Three years after the liberation has come and they judge "M" as a traitor. Among the witnesses and "Tiganitis". When it is time for him to deposit all the people expects that "T" will not answer. But he asks the President of the court to look in the eyes of the defendant…
Along with the story of the "hero" Tigani is the connection with the self-organized football team in Heraklion, Crete, which took its name from Tiganiti. The story of the group is mainly presented by the fans - followers.

Short cv: During his childhood (70’s -80’s), two things had always captured his attention: television that was always on and the veranda door, which was always open! So, to explore both, he attended a lot of television and he spent many hours on the balcony talking loudly to the neighbors. When he was watching TV, he always had two big queries: “how does this machine (television) work?” and “what are all these people who live inside this box doing after their shows?”
To find the answer in the first query, he decided to study electronics (electronics engineer) he was working for the Educational Television of the Educational Ministry of Greece as a monter and a cameraman and now as a teacher (but -in his eyes- tv is still such a miracle!).
As for his second question - in order to discover the secret life of the artists, he studied theatre in the drama school called “Arhi” ( and made his best to become an actor (basically focused on physical theater, street theater/buffoons, commedia dell’ arte, drama, theatre for children but never tragedy.
Finishing, he is proud to have found the perfect way to keep on doing what he really loves to do, always speaking loudly to people! Only this time on stage, not in his balcony!

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Drama Premises: 9 Agias Varvaras st., Drama 66100, Greece - Tel: +30 25210 47575, Fax: +30 25210 33526
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