The Awards of the 43rd Drama International Short Film Festival

The Awards of the 43rd


The jury of the 43rd Drama Greek Short Film Festival, consisting of

Argiris Papadimitropoulos

Giannis Stankoglou
Alexia Theodoraki
Evi Kalogiropoulou
Romanna Lobach

Making movies is a difficult business. Making movies in Greece, even more so. All of you not only managed to do this, but you also did it well. The films we watched during this festival were personal, daring, and truly spectacular. For this, we thank you.

During the final meeting, the jury decided to present the following awards


The Golden Dionysos Award is awarded to the film “Bella”, directed by Thelyia Petraki.

The award is accompanied by three prizes:
Finos Film Productions offers a cash prize of 4,000 Euro
The Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) offers a cash prize of 3,000 Euro
The Greek Film Centre (GFC) offers a cash prize of 2,000 Euro


This award is presented to the film “Vouta”, by Dimitris Zahos.
Because it is a film that moved us profoundly from start to finish. Personally, the ending moved me to such an extent, that I still think of it on every hour of the day.


This award is presented to the film “Harmonica Man”, by Alexandros Skouras,
for managing to extract stellar performances, not only from its main, but from all peripheral actors, too, in order to create a finely-tuned film which stole our hearts.

The award is accompanied by
A cash prize of 3,500 Euro, offered by the Greek Film Centre (awarded to the director),
And Post-Production provisions by Stefilm

Documentary Award

This award is presented to the film “Teo, My Neighbour”, by Christos Karteris.

We were somewhat concerned with the absence of more films of a purely documentary nature; still, a film with a strong outlook, a lively rhythm, a sense of humour and a sensitivity in observing its hero, managed to stand out.

The award is accompanied by
A cash prize of 3,500 Euro, offered by the Greek Film Centre
And a cash prize of 1,000 Euro, offered by the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT)

Drama Queer

This award is presented to the film “Madonna F64.0”, by Stavros Markoulakis.

This year, the selection panel asks the Festival to establish an award which, up until now, is resoundingly absent from the competition. An award which will be awarded every year, until there are no more people who are denied the chance to live a normal life and suffer because of their diversity.
All people have a right to equal chances, a right to love, to happiness, and to life itself.
This year, we will be giving out an award to a film that takes a stand in favour of diversity.
Cinema can be far richer when it includes all of us, male, female, or other.

Best Script Award

This award is presented to Giorgos Teltzidis, for the script of the film “Vouta” by Dimitris Zahos,
for sharp dialogue and faithfulness in all the factors chosen to realise the narration.

The award is accompanied by
A cash prize of 3,500 Euro, offered by the Greek Film Centre

Honorary Distinction for Best Female Actor

Awarded to Elena Topalidou, for her performance in the film “Bella”, by Thelyia Petraki,
for her non-pretentious and unrivalled rendition of the voice-over, her movement plasticity and her compelling gaze.

Honorary Distinction for Best Male Actor

Awarded to Pavlos Iordanopoulos, for his performance in the film “The Meaning of August”, by Manos Papadakis, for his frugal, moving and simultaneously reserved and personal performance.

Honorary Distinction for Photography

Awarded to Manu Tilinski, for his photography in the film “Bella”, by Thelyia Petraki,
for cinematographic particularity, for the harmonious combination of live shooting and archive materials, and for the use of a unique colour palette.

Honorary Distinction for Film Editing

Awarded to Smaro Papaevangelou, for her editing work in the film “Escaping the Fragile Planet”, by Thanasis Tsimpinis,
for her meticulous organisation of each cut and her respect towards the actors’ each and every breath.

Honorary Distinction for Stage Design

Awarded to Danai Elefsinioti, for the film “Vouta”, by Dimitris Zahos,
for the exceptional rendition of places, the credibility of representation and the natural and precise description of the places of action.

Honorary Distinction ‘Ioulia Stavridou’ for Costume Design

Awarded to Vassilia Rozana, for her work in the film “Bella” by Thelyia Petraki,
for the meticulous costume design which ensured consistency with the film’s particular aesthetic.

The award is accompanied by a cash prize of 2,000 Euro, offered by the Trianon Cinema,
And a sponsorship for the costume designer by the company Enjoy.

Honorary Distinction for Original Score

Awarded to Yannis Veslemes, for the music in the film “Melatonin” by Nikos Pastras,
for the composition of the original music which provided a very special in situ project with an intense pulse.

Honorary Distinction for Sound Design

Awarded to Kostis Charamountanis, for his film “Anthology of a Butterfly”, also directed by him,
for the creative collation and use of sound in a way that renders it an indispensable part of the composition.

Honorary Distinction for Sound

Awarded to Simos Lazaridis, for the film “The Meaning of August” by Manos Papadakis, for his important contribution in the narration of the film.

Honorary Distinction for Makeup

Awarded to Ioanna Lygizou, for her work in the film “Bella” by Thelyia Petraki,
for her detail-oriented and discreet contribution in the representation of the era.

Honourable Mention

An honourable mention is given to the creative team of the film “Dakar” by Stelios Moraitidis, for the film’s frugal approach, poetic dimension and comprehensive development of a story doomed to be lost.

Honourable Mention

An honourable mention is given to the film “The Call” by Marios Psaras,
For its targeted use of cinematography as a means for servicing the film’s sensitive subject

Honourable Mention

An honourable mention is given to the film “Pashka” by Oltjon Lipe,
for its subversive outlook on the topic of a young hero’s homecoming, as well as for its concept’s resounding impact.

International Competition Awards 2020

The jury of the International Competition Section of the 43rd Drama Short Film Festival, consisting of

Pawel Pawlikowski
Themis Bazaca
Lefteris Charitos
Lena Divani
Stergios Paschos

Good evening. We’re all products of our era. Both the people, and our works.
And this wildly improbable era, gathered, from the four corners of the world, wildly bizarre fruit which we relished on the silver screen. They were many, they were diverse, they were tantalising, and they fed endless discussions each evening. Here, we ought to thank the Artistic Director and his collaborators, the people whose difficult task it was to select these 35 out of 2,000 films from around the world.
At the end of the screenings, through this colourful explosion, two distinct trends and an absence could clearly be seen:

– Loneliness; unbearable, impossible to humanly handle loneliness; which leads us to the next trend.
– Escape. More and more new creators escape reality through their work. They create a world that’s utterly their own, in which they set the rules themselves. They’re no longer powerless.

Finally, we find the complete lack of political films, concerning. In an era that is in desperate need of political thought, we felt that new creators conceive politics as a fixed game that they have no part in.
So, in turn, they give it no part. Is that the solution, though? Or does it reflect the uncertainty of an era that’s dying, while a new one hasn’t yet been born.

With all this in mind, we tried to select films that attempted to explore the boundaries of filmmaking, while at the same time holding up the human dimension of cinema. As you will see, we embraced the films that, while dealing with existential darkness, left a ray of light in through the cracks. These cracks are sometimes the films themselves.

During the final meeting, the jury decided to present the following awards

Grand Prix 2020

Awarded to the film “And she hisses” directed by Monica Lek – Spain/USA.

A film that the jury members unanimously agreed was deserving of the main award. A film that grows inside you, that stretches the boundaries of the medium, that dares to touch the limits, that provokes traditional cinematic narratives and comes out a winner, that fascinates with its subject matter, as well as the protagonists’ interpretations.

The award is accompanied by 4,000 euros, offered by Raycap.

Best Director

Awarded to the film “Chen Chen” directed by Kargo Chen – Hong Kong.

A modest, simple, honest, touching film, almost healing, one that our soul desperately needed.

Best Southeastern European Film Award

Awarded to the film “As if underwater / Όπως θα συνέβαιναν μέσα στο νερό” directed by Anthi Daoutaki from Greece.

For its bold and imaginative direction, for the whole world created in a solitary room, and because, although it deals with a very bleak subject, it put a smile on our faces.

Best Animation Film

Awarded to the film “Portrait of Suzanne” by Izabela Plucinska – Poland/Germany/France.

Because we adored the film of the award-winning director in Drama, which sculpted-literally and metaphorically- the most tragicomedic, surreal, delightful character in the competition.

Best Production Awards “TV5 MONDE”

Awarded to the film “Anna” directed by Dekel Berenson – UK/Ukraine/Israel.

A high quality production, moderate and efficient on every level. From the extras, to the selection of settings.

Special award Environment & Climate change

Awarded to the film “The End of Suffering (a proposal)” directed by Jacqueline Lentzou from Greece.

A film that manages, among other things, to give the clearest and most substantial message on climate change. The universe converses with its desperate heroine, and tells her how people made their own cages and turned Earth into a hostile planet.

The award is accompanied by 4,000 euros, offered by the non-profit organization Cylops

#ThisisEU- European Values

Awarded to the film “Virago” directed by Kerli Kirch Schneider – Estonia.

A film that views history through a comedic prism, a privilege of European thinking, and highlights Eastern-European trauma. In this instance, the heavy burden that fell on women’s shoulders in a disintegrating post-communist society.

Nomination EFA Drama 2020

Directed to the film “Favourites” by Martin Monk – Austria/Germany
for its simplicity, solid construction and its great actors.

Special Mention Male Part

Awarded to Kostis Koroneos for his performance in the film “Premier Amour” by Haris Raftogiannis – Greece/France.
for managing to humanise a completely marginal hero.

Special Mention Female Part

Awarded to Stella Vogiatzaki for her performance in the film “As if underwater” by Anthi Daoutaki – Greece.
for embodying the melancholia of a lonely heroine, gracefully displaying every aspect of her complex psyche.


The jury of FIPRESCI consisting of:
Ηelene Robert from France
Marla Jacarilla from Spain
Despina Triantafillidou from Greece

present the FIPRESCI Award to the film “The End of Suffering (a proposal)” by Jacqueline Lentzou from Greece.

The members of the Fipresci jury have decided to give the International Award to “The End of Suffering” by Jacqueline Lentzou. We appreciate the originality, depth, and simplicity of the project, the aesthetic of the images, and her ability to develop a dreamlike low fi science fiction movie. Furthermore, there is a nice attempt to explain non-duality spiritual concepts.

Greek Society of Film Critics

«Goads», Iris Baglanea.

Hellenic Parliament TV Channel Award
“Human Values”

The television channel of the Parliament bestows the “Human Values” Award to a film of the international program of the festival, which narrates with minimalism and boldness the effort of a woman to approach her underage son, a rural prison inmate, after many years of her being absent.
The award is bestowed to the film “In her steps” by Anastasia Kratidi from Greece.

International Student Awards 2020

The jury of the International Student Competition of the 43rd Drama International Short Film Festival, consisting of:

Lida Vartzioti & Dimitris Tsakaleas
Alexandros Diakosavvas
Alki Politi

During the final meeting, the jury decided to present the following awards:


To the film “The best orchestra in the world” by Henning Backhaus from Austria.
For the compelling and humour-laden depiction of the need for diversity representation in art, institutions, and society, the modern viewpoint and the hope that we’ll all soon be identifying as “socks”.


To the film “A mess at Apartment 14″ by Radu Barbu freom Romania
For the realism in the depiction of everyday life, the balance between boldness, simplicity, and underlying irony, the unpretentious acting, and rounded sketching of multifaceted characters.


To the film “22:47 LINIE 34” by Michael Karrer from Switzerland
For the clear eye and mindful approach of a burning social issue, the entirely current dialogue, the artful rhythm and its deeply existential quality.


To the film “Rosa Kairo” by Jacques Simha
To the film “Violetta” by Fivos Imellos
To the film “The jar” by Kyriakos Rontsis



To the film The Jar by Kyriakos Rontsis.


To the film As if underwater by Anthi Daoutaki.


To the film Antivirus by Anastasia Sima.