Film Market

It has been twenty-four years since the Film Market was first set up as a section of the Drama Short Film Festival. The Film Market is an institution that forms an integral part of all major international film festivals.

The purpose of the Film Market is to bring into contact film directors and producers with distribution companies and television channels, with a view to the purchase and distribution of films, as well as their screening in other international festivals. Moreover, there are films in the Film Market Archive which bear a code number and refer to past catalogues. Past catalogues are available upon request. The Film Market staff ensures the best possible promotion and screening of the films that are available. The success of the Film Market during the past twenty-four years has contributed significantly to its establishment within DIFF and the field of short films in general.

The Film Market is housed in the Municipal Conservatory of Drama. Here, one can find all films available through the Festival’s archive. A specially furnished space with all necessary audiovisual equipment allows each visitor to watch the films he or she is interested in undisturbed. The Film Market catalogue is very useful for selecting films which are available at the Film Market and provides useful information concerning these films.

The film market catalogue is coded, in order to enable the user in finding the films that are available. This year, there are 220 new Greek short films (N/19) and 1732 international short films (I/19) available. On the left of the title of each film and underneath the code of the year, there is the code number, which corresponds to every film. This number should be quoted in order to request a videotape from the Film Market personnel.

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