Drama International Short Film Festival

Cinematherapy aims to understand the theoretical background of the conditions and reception of audiovisual stimuli of films and test in practice the way cinematic stimuli are processed in order to optimize the reception and the effect/impact on the viewer/spectator. Cinema contributes significantly to the process of transfer / retransmission, as it facilitates and accelerates it. At the same time, the substantiation of mental processes in the cinematic atmosphere, the figures, the symbols and the images of the film, supports the further decoding of the psychic events.

Denise Nikolakou
(Mental health councelor-Cinematherapist)

Pawel Pawlikowski - Cinematherapy
Pawel Pawlikowski - Cinematherapy

The renowned director took part part in an open discussion on his last film, “Cold War”, moderated in Drama by cinematherapist Denise Nikolakou. The film serves as a springboard for the audience to understand the value and function of cinematherapy, and the manner in which we can process cinematic works in order to garner therapeutic elements. The Drama Film Festival hosted this project for the first time, aiming to highlight the psychotherapeutic effect a film can have on the viewer.