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Name:Vasil Mihail

Country: FYROM

Genre: Drama

Tagline: Story about unrepentance, life visualized through objects.


Synopsis: In this film we never see faces. Only parts of faces and bodies. The focus is on objects, space, food etc. The kitchen objects become a subject in this film. The objects speak their own story which is only accidentally or deliberately connected with the story of the main character Stojan. The entire film takes place in a room where the kitchen is the main focus.
It starts in 1993. The abandoned kitchen hides memories from the previous owners. Stojan Najdenov is at the age of twenty years and buys a house not far from the city. Stojan is a believer, a Christian. He lives alone, feeds himself poorly and falls under the pressure of vices. A large organized criminal network is exposed because of him. He changes his identity.
After twenty years (2013) he is already engaged in legal work. He is an orphan child. He meets and gets married to a beautiful woman who gives birth to three children. We understand that the criminal activities do not leave him and because of this, his family abandoning him. He changes his identity again.
When he is eighty years old (2053) he is still working criminally. Although he seems wise and understood the mistakes he made, he still has not changed. He's rich but lonely. He secretly found his descendants (children and grandchildren) and collects photos of them. Stojan leaves all his wealth to the masseuse android who sells the house and everything in order to buy her freedom.

Short cv: Vasil Mihail (screenwriter and director)
- Since October 2001 he has been working as an actor/director/dramatist in National Theatre "Anton Panov" Strumica, Macedonia
- Since November 2003 founder and president of Association Mana Strumica (culture and art)
- Since 2014 Member of the Executive Board of the International Theater Institute (ITI) Macedonia, a branch of the world's ITI Network
- 2017/2018 postgraduate/masters student for Film and TV Directing at EFTA – Skopje, University for audiovisual arts
Achieved works:
  • Actor (110 roles)
Leading roles in the theater (16), Leading roles in film (2), Significant and secondary roles in theater (29), Significant and minor roles in film and television (63)
  • Directing / Dramaturgy / Filmography (25), Professional theater scene (14), Alternative theater scene (9), Filmography (2),
  • Production, Choreography, Lectures, Television (14)
  • Coordinator / expert (16)
Vasil Mihail is known as an actor, director, and dramatist. Three times awarded abroad on international festivals.

Zoran  Risteski  is  the  managing  director  of  the  company “Geyzer”.  While working within the Macedonian national film company VARDAR FILM (1994-97) he gained rich experience in filmmaking on several levels in short, feature and documentary projects.
This know-how is well used in the independent projects that followed the years after. After the first short feature film, “One of death’s faces”, financed by the Ministry of Culture, “Geyzer” ltd takes over the post-production of the feature film “The Judge”.
His company provided production services for Macedonia for the international co-production award–winner “Eduard” directed by Angeliki Antoniou. It has also entered a co- production with Pausilypon Films ltd from Athens, to realize the feature film “J.A.C.E” (Just Another Confused Elephant) directed by Menelaos Karamaggiolis and supported by Eurimage.
His experience as producer, co-producer and executive producer is on more than 50 titles in cinema and television.

Sponsors- Partners

Athens Premises: 71 Emm. Benaki st., Athens 10681, Greece - Tel: +30 210 3300309, Fax: +30 210 3302818
Drama Premises: 9 Agias Varvaras st., Drama 66100, Greece - Tel: +30 25210 47575, Fax: +30 25210 33526
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