Focus on animation
Greek Animation. From education to professional production

As part of the Drama Short Film Festival’s continuous interest and work towards the progression of Greek animation production as a primarily short film form, we are introducing the programme “Greek animation, from education to professional production of short films”, under the supervision of renowned director and professor, Spyros Siakas. This endeavor came about as a logical continuation to the audiovisual literacy movement based on the “language” of animation, which the festival has cultivated from the beginning of the 21st century through actions such as book publications, the production of award-winning animation films, instructive workshops for learners and educators, and scientific meetings, to name but a few.

LOGO ΠΑΔΑThe programme “Greek animation, from education to professional production of short films”, consists of two distinct screening sections: A selection of films officially submitted to the festival, in conjunction with a student animation film programme. In its pilot application the student films were selected from the University of West Attica, as the oldest, with the richest production in the field of animation out of Greek university institutions, with the prospect of further expansion to films from other higher education institutions. The selection of student films was made by Animation Professors, Dr. Eleni Mouri and Dr. Spyros Siakas, and includes dissertations and films distinguished at international and local festivals.

Focus on Animation

Ιn cooperation with the University of West Attica- Faculty of Graphic Design and Communication

Natron Apartian Aris, Avramidou Sofia 6’
The guillable kiss of mister Patokos Apostolakis Alexandros 5’
All you can eat Armenakis Dimitris 4’
Lunacy Vazikas Mihalis 3’
The machine Varsou Ioanna 8’
Jaqalay Gerogiannis Manos, Zoumakis Yiannis 6’
Remurdered Giannakopoulos Grigoris 3’
Progression Gourtzis Aggelos 1’
The dragon god Katsanis Vasilis 3’
The sempiternal quest Katsari Polyxeni 5’
Στο γύψο / Cast – outs Lizardos Alexandros Romanos, Melachris Akis 14’
Great expectations Litina Mariza 5’
The runaway Maris Andreas 1’
One million children Papa Efi 2’
59 μέρες / 59 days Papadopoulou Zina 5’
Gaea and aither Stathopoulou Maria 5’
Castrum nasicae Tzanavaris Stratos 5’

The screening will take place online on the festival platform