Everything about the 45th Drama Short Film Festival

Everything about the 45th Drama Short Film Festival

Everything about the 45th Drama International Short Film Festival

5 – 11 SEPTEMBER 2022

With renewed image and content, the 45th DISFF is ready to welcome all things fresh in the field of short film; this year’s Festival will be held on 5-11 of September 2022 in the city of Drama, earlier than any other year. The opening ceremony will be held on Monday, while, for the first time ever, the awards ceremony will be held on a Sunday.

This year’s president of the International Competition Programme jury will be multi-award winner Vasilis Kekatos, the first Greek director to have won a Short Film Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival (for his film “The Distance Between Us and the Sky”). This year’s rich programme includes various events, ranging from masterclasses delivered by Yannis Economides, to discussions with renowned director Paweł Pawlikowski and a tribute dedicated to his documentaries. A panel with Greek directors, producers, and representatives from the Cannes Film Festival and the National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication will be held, as well as an interesting discussion with General Secretary for Contemporary Culture Nicholas Yatromanolakis, which will be broadcasted on TikTok, the Festival’s digital sponsor.

The Festival’s new visual identity, which was created by Dimitris Papazoglou, received the 2022 Golden Graphics Award at the Greek Visual Communication Design Awards (EBGE Awards), justifying, thus, our efforts to radically reform the profile of the Drama Film Festival.

The Festival heads into its 45th event focusing on the operation of the much-awaited Drama Film Department of the Hellenic Open University, which has finally been green-lit by the Ministry of Education. The school (offering an undergraduate course), which will be linked with the Drama Short Film Festival, is expected to begin operating in the spring semester of the 2022-2023 academic year. The courses will be held online, but in-person workshops will also be held in the city of Drama.

This year’s National Competition, International Competition, and International Student programmes are complemented by the new National Student programme, which aspires to give students their “wings” and serve as an important stepping stone for them to complete their very first creations. At the same time, the International Animation and Short & Green programmes continue their successful run, as does the much promising Cinematherapy programme.

This year’s Festival sees Yannis Sakaridis at the role of artistic director for the third year running; the events of the Festival will be held at both physical locations and online. The conditions remain favourable for Greek short film creators, as they continue to know success at important festivals abroad.

The great celebration of short film (https://www.dramafilmfestival.gr) focuses on filmmakers, as well as on the audiences that love and support short film. Drama is feverishly preparing to welcome Greek short film creators at the jolliest celebration of Greek cinema, which, every September, transforms the town’s centre and beautiful water park – where the Festival is hosted – into a frenzied cinematic set. Our national short film festival is here to showcase talents in the making, and to encourage the creation of short film as an autonomous category in which creators of any age can engage. The Festival’s primary goal is to “embrace” and showcase all people, regardless of origin, religion, and sexual orientation, employing cinema as the primary medium.

The 45th DISFF will be held at the Olympia cinema, the Drama Municipal Music School (Antonis Papadopoulos Hall), the Alexandros open-air cinema, the garden of the CYCLOPS Cultural Centre, and the Eleftheria café-complex (at the junction of Venizelou and Kountouriotou streets), as well as online.

A total of 148 films originating from more than 33 countries will be screened across all programmes of the Festival.

As Yannis Sakaridis notes, “the field of education and the cinematic community take centre stage at the DISFF45). We founded the new National Student Programme, and we collaborated with Clermont-Ferrand and the Torino Market to create novel educational programmes. We will be holding a tribute dedicated to Pawlikowski’s documentaries, and we will be presenting Basim Magdy’s video art films, in an effort to strike new, qualitative paths in the field of short film. Film studies are now happening in Drama, thanks to the green light given to the launch of an undergraduate programme by the Hellenic Open University, which will be realised in collaboration with the DISFF and the Municipality of Drama. Therefore, in February of 2023, the first classes of the spring semester will be held, and the first workshops (on directing, etc) are scheduled to take place in the city of Drama”.

As Yorgos Demertzis, president of ‘Cultural Organization – Drama’s Short Film Festival’, notes, “in 2022, in a time when we are facing a pandemic, a bloody war in Europe, and the deep, global financial crisis that comes as a result of the latter, humanity has an obligation to confront and conquer itself, using prudence and consistency, and focusing on achieving the peaceful and civilised co-existence of peoples. With its 45th event and international presence, the Drama Film Festival seeks to convey this message to all corners of the world. Civilisation and art are a breath of life; they are the creative powers that bring the people of this world together. Our new programmes, our important collaborations with bodies and personalities from both Greece and abroad, our new undergraduate film studies course, which will see the realisation of workshops in Drama and collaborations with the Festival from the following February, and the identity of this year’s Festival, which focuses on the notion of community, are all elements that communicate our wish to contribute to these ideals”.

The Drama Film Festival collaborates with the National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication, the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT), the Greek Film Centre, Onassis Culture, non-profit organisation CYCLOPS, RAYCAP, Finos Film, COSMOTE TV and other bodies, while it also enjoys the wholehearted support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Region of East Macedonia and Thrace, the Hellenic Parliament, and, of course, the Municipality of Drama. Naturally, our Festival also maintains a steady collaboration with various cinematic bodies of our country.



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Audiences who wish to watch the 45th Drama International Short Film Festival online must log onto the Festival’s platform at https://disff.cine.gr (redirected from the https://www.dramafilmfestival.gr website, through the ‘online festival’ link), and follow the instructions. The films will be available from September 5th onwards.

The standard film package is priced at 5 euro, and it provides users with access to the entire content of the Festival. The award-winning films will remain available on the platform until the afternoon of September 15th.

An additional six competition programmes, as well as the Pitching programme will be available on the platform.

The platform is now open for package pre-purchasing.


Of the 285 films that were submitted to the National Competition programme this year, 30 films were selected to participate, directed by 17 men and 15 women, in a “tight” selection which successfully represents this year’s production. The selection includes 25 fiction films, 2 documentaries, and 3 animation films.

You can find the complete film list here: https://www.dramafilmfestival.gr/en/festival/national-competition/

Numerous popular actors make appearances in these films, among which the following: Yannis Stankoglou, Makis Papadimitriou, Dimitris Lalos, Marisha Triantafyllidou, Haris Fragoulis, Nikos Zeginoglou, Maria Kallimani, Kimonas Kouris, Antonis Tsiotsiopoulos, Romanna Lobach, Dimitris Katalifos, Reni Pittaki, and Evangelia Andreadaki. Additional appearances are made by Greek singer Giorgos Mazonakis, actress Angela Brouskou, and author Giorgos-Ikaros Bampasakis.

Plenty of new talent is introduced, as well as older actors, whom the Festival has honoured in the past.

This year’s films touch upon themes such as the exploration of one’s sexuality, unrequited love, and romantic relationships of women and teenagers. At the same time, the films address issues such as bullying, loneliness in old age, teen abortion, imprisonment at a young age, and lack of connection between children and parents. It is also interesting to observe the cinematic treatment of issues such as bigotry, confusion of national self-identification, and the marginalisation of second-generation immigrants. Problematic family relationships, break-ups, and grief management are subjects that inspire short film creators for yet another year. The pandemic is presented as a driving factor for poverty and the mitigation of values, while cruelty in professional relationships is occasionally depicted in unexpected ways.

The film “Shooting” will be screened out of competition. “Shooting” is the third short film by Nikos Panagiotopoulos, author, screenwriter, and script-writing professor at the Hellenic Open University. The film stars actor Symeon Tsakiris. The shooting of a commercial is going to hell. Can a person’s death save the day?


This year marks the 28th anniversary since the Festival’s acquisition of an international identity. To celebrate the occasion, 15 films from all around the world (from India to China, and from France to Argentina) will be screened. Three Greek films are also competing in this segment: “Memoir of a Veering Storm” by Sophia Gerovassili, “On Xerxes’ Throne” by Evi Kalogiropoulou, and “Under the Lake” by Thanassis Troumboukis.

You can find the complete film list here: https://www.dramafilmfestival.gr/en/festival/international-competition/

As Head Programmer of the International Competition programme Yorgos Zois remarks, “this year’s selection includes special narrations, mainly on the subject of youth and the impasses it faces in everyday life, while frantically seeking ways to reach the sky. We will be treated to both realistic and metaphysical stories, which balance on a tightrope and occasionally dare to experiment with the form of cinema itself”.

Among those films we will encounter:

*the dynamic and multi-dimensional short film “Cherries” by multiple award winner Lithuanian director Vytautas Katkus.

*the colourful, surrealistic, and humorously extreme film “Modern Love”, a new short by Spanish artist Héctor Herce, filmed on 16mm film.

*the film “Terra Incognita”, a creation visibly influenced by René Laloux’s “Fantastic Planet” (1973). Boasting a psychedelic aesthetic from the 70’s, this film was created by a team of no less than ten different artists!

Airhostess-737”, the new film by Thanassis Neofotistos, will also be screen out of competition.  The screening at the Drama Film Festival will be the film’s premiere in front of a Greek audience, after its global premiere at the Locarno International Film Festival. The action unfolds on board of a Boeing-737 plane, on a flight from Athens to Kavala. The film’s main character (played by Lena Papaligoura) is a stewardess on the verge of a nervous breakdown.


*This year’s International Student Competition programme includes 14 films, with two Greek creators competing in the programme: Ariadni-Angeliki Thiphronitou-Litou with the film “Love You More than Peanut Butter”, and Semeli Saphou, with the film “All that Remains”.

You can find the complete film list here: https://www.dramafilmfestival.gr/en/festival/international-student-competition/

As Thanassis Neofotistos remarks, “this year we will watch films touching upon the widely discussed subject of diversity, human sexuality and its various expressions, pressing political issues, human relationships and their difficulties. These films approach their subject matter in an authentic, modern, and artistically bold manner. We met new filmmakers, worthy representatives of their times and generation, who I hope will continue to provide us with stories of the same sensitivity and interest. All this is happening under the umbrella of the Festival’s new initiative: the Student Campus, which aspires to transform the city of Drama into a space where new filmmakers can meet and exchange ideas!”


The newly-formed National Student Competition programme includes 20 films, directed by 10 men and 10 women. At the role of Head Programmer we find Panagiotis Iosifelis (screenwriter, script-writing professor at the Film Department of the School of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki).

You can find the complete film list here: https://www.dramafilmfestival.gr/en/national-student-competition/

As Panagiotis Iosifelis notes, “the National Student Competition is the new programme of the Drama International Short Film Festival. The decision for its creation came after we became aware of not only the volume, but also of the quality of student films in our country. The one hundred and one submissions in the preliminary round of our programme verified our suspicions in the best way possible.

The film selection was not an easy process, mainly due to the quality of the majority of submissions. We detected elements of incredible beauty and technique (occasionally even within the same film), as well as narrative and technical faux pas, most of which were justified by lack of experience. We eventually selected twenty films from twelve  educational institutions in Greece and abroad, both private and public, and from both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Among the films we chose were fiction films, documentaries, and animation films. These films represent almost all technical and aesthetic approaches to audiovisual narration, while simultaneously covering a very wide range of topics – they tell stories about relationships, identity, inclusion and isolation, social critique and self-critique, management of trauma, and personal and social responsibility. Despite their relatively disparate characteristics, we believe that, as a whole, they create a hologram: a magical picture which, when viewed comprehensively, showcases the face of modern Greek filmmaking”.


20 films compete in the International Animation Competition programme, with three Greek films among them: “The Incredible Mrs. Lien Mourlen” by Eleni Ksoupa, “In Between” by Effie Pappa, and “A Night at the Cemetery” by Stelios Polychronakis.

You can find the complete film list here: https://www.dramafilmfestival.gr/en/animation/

As programme manager Spyros Siakas notes, “the selection of the films was based, on the one hand, on the diversity of creation techniques and, on the other, on the special treatment and showcasing of emotions and every-day situations through different and often unexpected angles. Within this framework, the programme is comprised of films using techniques for two- and three-dimensional depiction, stop motion, and computer animation; the films approach both issues such as human relationships, as well as issues concerning our planet, managing, thus, to highlight numerous complex feelings. The main goal of the programme is the active participation of audiences in Drama in viewing animation films, in an effort to introduce them to a world of stories, while simultaneously helping them thoroughly comprehend the principles of this art form.


In its second year, the Environmental Awareness Films “Short and Green” International Competition programme includes 12 films from all cinematic genres: 7 fiction films, 4 documentary films, and 1 animation film, originating from a total of 10 countries. The films touch upon climate change and the catastrophic impact of human activity on the natural environment, while focusing and challenging our perception of man’s relationship with nature.

The programme includes two films by Greek creators: “In Vain” by Anastasia Melia Eleftheriou, and “Under the Lake” by Thanasis Troumboukis. The Short and Green programme will be accompanied by two environmental actions.

You can find the complete film list here: https://www.dramafilmfestival.gr/en/short-and-green/

Programme director Vasileios Terzopoulos notes: “Perhaps a film is not able to change the world, no matter how romantically optimistic cinephiles might be. Still, the cultivation of an environmental consciousness in every possible way is now more imperative than ever. The International Short and Green Competition programme seeks to use the influential power of cinema to make audiences reflect on the environmental issues the world is called to resolve, while faced with practically non-existent deadlines. Watching this year’s submissions to the Drama Film Festival, we happily observe and welcome the more and more conscious choice of creators to approach such topics, which indicates their sensitivity and continuous interest in the subject. This year’s programme includes many promising films, some of which have already traced a significant course at festivals abroad. This constitutes yet another indication of the developing interest in environmental issues”.


The jury of the International Competition Programme is composed by:
Vasilis Kekatos (President), Director
Basim Bagdy, Experimental Artist – Filmmaker
Claire Diao, Distributor – Film Critic

The jury of the National Competition Programme is composed by:
Constantine Giannaris, Director (President)
Ioakim Mylonas, Director / Artistic Director of the International Short Film Festival of Cyprus
Aris Dimokidis, Journalist
Markella Giannatou, Actor
Marina Gioti, Filmmaker and visual artist

The jury of the National Student Competition Programme and the International Student Competition Programme is composed by:
Argyris Papadimitropoulos (President), Director
Themis Bazaka, Actor
Lena Divani, Author

The jury of the International Animation Programme is composed by:
Sperer Sebastien, Member of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival
Maria Anestopoulou, Programme Manager of Platforma Video and the Animasyros Festival
Panagiotis Kyriakoulakos, Assistant Professor of Film Informatics (University of the Aegean) and producer of audiovisual and interactive works

The jury of the Short and Green Programme is composed by:
Yannis Economides (President), Director
Nandia Kontogeorgi, Actor
Dejan Dabic, Animator, Film Critic, Artistic Director at the Martovski Documentary and Short Film Festival (Serbia)

*Audience Awards will once again be awarded this year: through the Festival’s online platform (Online Festival), viewers can cast their vote to showcase the best film, which will receive the Audience Award.


For the ninth year in a row, a Pitching Lab and a Pitching Forum for young filmmakers will be held, as part of the active DISFF Educational Programme. The DISFF Educational Programme continues throughout the year, aiming to promote communication between short film creators, as well as with the modern global market.

Pitching Workshop (Tuesday, September 6 – Friday, September 9, 2022, 11:00–13:30). Throughout the week, participating screenwriters, directors, and producers will attend workshops in which professional tutors will provide pitching techniques and help them improve the presentation of their drafts.

Pitching Forum (Saturday, September 10, 2022, 14:00–16:30). Sixteen projects from around the world will be presented in 5-minute pitches to producers and potential financiers. Pitching Forum guests will then have an additional five minutes to pose questions to each artist. At the end of the event, participants will have the opportunity to hold one-on-one meetings with interested producers or festival directors, in order to promote their projects.

Tutors: Barbara Dukas (DISFF Educational Programme Manager), Georgina Kakoudaki, Stathis Paraskevopoulos, John Stephens

As Barbara Dukas notes, “we are pleased to have received numerous projects in this year’s Pitching Lab (fiction, animation, and documentary films), and, as has been the case in recent years, the tutors had a hard time selecting the final projects that will participate in the three-day workshop and the Pitching Forum.

This year, central themes in all the projects we received from around the world – a world which has suffered two years of the pandemic – are anxiety for survival, the spread of a latent violence, identity and gender issues, the rights of excluded groups, living with an illness and disability, tolerance towards diversity, and coming of age when living in a colorful and unpredictable planet. With films from Peru and Nepal, to Kazakhstan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Portugal, and Finland, our souls were filled with the images the young filmmakers sought to narrate. Unfortunately, out of this explosion of colour and ideas, we could only select 16 of the 117 proposals that were submitted to us, all yearning for communication and creation. With the plurality of their projects, their ambitious productions and a wide variety of themes, Greek creators won a special place this year.

In response to the needs of the Greek market, the Pitching Forum will try, through its shortlisted projects, to assist select Greek projects that will participate in this year’s Lab in communicating with other festivals and forums abroad, in an effort to contribute to the extroversion and encouragement of co-producers.

For this reason, in addition to the projects that will come to Drama, the Forum will choose five more Greek projects to participate in a development workshop, which will take place within the framework of the two-day ‘Drama Festival in Athens’, held on September 17-18 at the Greek Film Archive.”

You can find the projects participating in this year’s Pitching Lab here: https://www.dramafilmfestival.gr/en/festival/pitching-lab/


The Cinematherapy programme, inspired by Denise Nikolakou, continues to be part of the 45th DISFF; this year’s thematic extends from Paweł Pawlikowski’s works and the Greek television series “Agries Melisses”, to an interesting film for children:

* On Tuesday September 6th (20:00), the film “Enemy Pie” (2019) by Derek Munson will be screened at the courtyard of the Drama Museum of Photography (Cyclops Cultural Space). The story follows the unorthodox way two boys became friends: from hatred to liking, and then to a strong friendship. The screening will be followed by a discussion held by project manager Denise Nikolakou with the participation of the children, which will include comprehension questions and film content analysis.

* On Friday September 9th and for the first time in this year’s programme, an attempt will be made to analyse the outstanding television series Agries Melisses [“Wild Bees”] (2019-2022) at the Alexandros open-air cinema. The series can be described as a case of deconstruction of the “holy” Greek family, with a strong message against stereotypes. A Q&A session with the series director Lefteris Haritos and actors from the series will follow.

* On Saturday September 17th, a masterclass and discussion with Paweł Pawlikowski will take place at the Greek Film Archive. The Cinematherapy programme is now synonymous with Paweł Pawlikowski, as it was the Oscar-winning director himself who inaugurated the programme with his film Cold War (2018) at the 43rd DISFF in 2020. Excerpts from the director’s prolific work will be screened during the event (including the important period of his BBC documentaries), while a discussion will follow, as well as a Q&A session with director and DISFF artistic director Yannis Sakaridis. Denise Nikolakou will moderate the discussion and will decipher his work in psychological terms.

More information is available here: https://www.dramafilmfestival.gr/en/program/cinematherapy/


Through a tribute organised by the DISFF in collaboration with the Greek Film Centre, Greek audiences will have the pleasure of watching the animation films created as part of the COVID-19 Special Programme. This programme was created by the Greek Film Centre, and funded by the Ministry of Culture and Sports. A representative portion of the programme’s films will be presented during the events in Drama, in an effort to showcase Greek animation creators on a larger scale.


Side events of the 45th DISFF include:

* An extremely interesting tribute to the BBC documentaries by Oscar-winning director Pawel Pawlikowski, such as the film Dostoevsky’s Travels, featuring the only living descendant of Fyodor Dostoevsky.

* A masterclass on directing by award-winning director Yannis Economides, titled “Making Movies in Greece.” The masterclass will take place on Wednesday, September 7th, at the Alexandros open-air cinema (14:00).

* Short Matters 2022. A programme including the films nominated for the 2021 Best European Short Film Award of the European Film Academy (EFA).

* A screening of short films that emerged from the DISFF Drama Pitching Lab in recent years and have known success thereafter. In the nine years of its operation, the Pitching Lab has received over 800 drafts from all over the world. More than 100 Greek and international participants have been trained and have competed in Drama, while 25 short films showcasing a variety of themes, genres, and ideas have been completed so far; a selection of these will be screened at the Municipal Music School, while others will be available on the Festival’s online platform.

* Screenings of selected iconic Greek films from the programme “Motherland, I See You”, in collaboration with the Hellenic Film Academy.

* A tribute to internationally renowned visual artist Basim Magdy, within the framework of the Festival’s newly established Film & Visual Arts programme, which aspires to highlight the interface between visual arts and short films. Image, sound, and speech are the key features of Magdy’s work. Through a unique and humorous language, the artist expresses his concerns about the human condition, while creating his own artistic universe.

* A panel with Greek producers and representatives from the Cannes Film Festival and the National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication.

* For the first time this year, the TSFM Word-Frame workshop will be held, in collaboration with the Torino Short Film Market. The workshop aims to provide guidance to eight directors and/or screenwriters on how to create a short film or a hybrid film.

* Presentations by the competing directors and open discussions with the audience of the Festival. Daily at the Alexandros open-air cinema (12:00).

* A TikTok Discussion (Tuesday September 6th, 18:00, Municipal Music School). Participants: Nicholas Yatromanolakis – General Secretary for Contemporary Culture, Giacomo Lev Mannheimer – Head of Government Affairs and Public Policy, Southern Europe, Yannis Sakaridis – DISFF Artistic Director. The event will be live-streamed.

* Two parallel experiential environmental actions for children and adults will be carried out as part of the “Short and Green” programme, in collaboration with ‘Organization Earth’. On Tuesday, September 6th, an open discussion on “Culture as a means of developing the public green space” will take place, with the participation of representatives of Drama’s civil society. The event will be held at the Cyclops Cultural Centre at 18:00. At the same time, an experiential workshop for children titled “Young Farmers” will take place at the Saint Barbara Municipal Park (meeting point: Cyclops Cultural Centre).

* As part of the DISFF’s screenings at the Greek Film Archive, the film Antigone by Eva Nathena will be screened on September 16th. The film depicts the apprenticeship of 18- to 21-year-old incarcerated boys at the Art/Theatre workshop, which was created by Eva Nathena after spending time at the Avlonas Prison School, run by Petros Damianos. The boys studied theatrical discourse by putting on a show and sewing their own costumes, which they then wore to enact the roles/heroes of the play Antigone.

* Book presentations (September 8th, 14:00, Alexandros open-air cinema) by the Drama-born poet Polyna G. Bana. The following books will be presented: Oneireftika ti Dido [“I Dreamt of Dido”] by Lena Divani, and O Tzimis stin Kypseli [“Jimmy in Kypseli”] by Christos Chomenidis.

* Screenings for children (September 11th, 20:30, Alexandros open-air cinema)

* Finally, on Monday September 12th, the award-winning films of the Festival will be screened at the Olympia cinema at 18:00.


We will be seeing you in Drama, but not only there; we shall also meet in Athens, on September 15th-18th, at the Greek Film Archive, where the DISFF National Competition Programme will be presented there in its entirety. At the same time, the masterclass/discussion with Paweł Pawlikowski will be held as part of the Cinematherapy programme (September 17th), as will the development workshop (September 17th-18th). On September 16th, the film Antigone by Eva Nathena will be screened at the Greek Film Archive. The film was created in Avlonas prison with the participation of 18- to 21-year-old boys. A discussion with the audience will follow.

The COVID-19 situation permitting, the Drama Festival Travels programme will reach even more destinations in the coming period, in order to showcase the strong presence of Greek cinema in Greece and abroad.


* Entry to the closed spaces will be in accordance to current health protocols.

* Please do not forget to download the latest version of our Android mobile and tablet app.


You can select the photos you want from all programmes of the Festival here:



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