Drama Comics Festival

The White Space group organises and presents the Drama Comics Festival. The purpose of the festival is the promotion and study of the 9th art. Since their first appearance, comics play an important role in western culture. They entertain, they criticize and they describe the current sociopolitical status.

Our main goal is to emphasize the artistic aspect of comics and the freedom of expression that this medium represents. Comics interact with literature and visual art as they are by nature a combination of written speech and artistic imagery. Our intention is to investigate the extent of applications comics may have in the fields of art and education.

Drama Comics Festival is named after its birthplace, Drama city, and refers at two semantically opposite poles. Comedy and drama. Let’s not forget that a drama can turn into a comedy and vice versa.

Drama Comics Festival version 0.1


Drama Comics Festival

Festival Catalog

8 – 22 September 2019

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