Awards 23rd International Short Film Festival in Drama - Short Film Festival in Drama

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Awards 23rd International Short Film Festival in Drama

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Awards 23rd International   Short Film Festival in Drama

Awards 23rd International Short Film Festival in Drama 2017
Chairman of the jury: Ninos Fenech Mikelidis  - Greece
Members: Christie Huysmans           Belgium
         Filipe Pereira                             Portugal
         Goran Radovanovic                  Serbia
         Katia Scarton-Kim                    France
Statement of the Jury
First and foremost, the members of the International Competition Jury Committee would like to thank the Festival’s Artistic Director, Mr. Antonis Papadopoulos, for the honor to be selected and form this committee, as well as his team that made our stay in the hospitable town of Drama, such a beautiful experience.
I have to note that the majority of the 58 films of the International Competition, covering a wide range of topics: poverty, misery, exploitation, immigration, economic crisis, as well as personal and family relationships and the search for an identity, were of top quality, which made the selection procedure really difficult. As a result a lot of very good films were left out.
So I would like to say to all the directors, participating at the International Competition, and I honestly believe that, and I’m sure the audience will agree to that as well, that the thoughts, concerns and suggestions you expressed in your films were not in vain. You showed us that regardless of the immense economical, political, and other problems we are facing nowadays, all of you, the young directors, the short film makers, you have got the talent, the enthusiasm, the passion, and the hot blooded urge to revive cinema. With your films you showed us that either we are black, or white, gay, or straight, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, or atheists, we are all members of one and only society. We are of members of one planet, which hopefully will continue existing in the next 40 years, where the human is placed at the centre of attention, regardless of borders and walls, sometimes, imposed to us violently, by some politicians and their economic interests. We salute these 40 years of an extremely important festival with all our hearts, wishing to the organization to continue a successful course with the same love and enthusiasm.
Grand Prix 2017
IMAGO by      Raymund Ribay Gutierrez, Philippines
To a film that depicts with powerful, disturbing and moving images the misery and the poverty of the unprivileged class.
Τhe award is accompanied by 4.000 euros, offered by  Raycap.
Second Prize
GENARO  by   Andres Porras – Jesus Reyes, Colombia
To a film that mirrors with horrifying images the inhumanity and cynicism brought about by the results of a civil war.
EFA Drama 2017
THE CIRCLE  by Ruken Tekes, Turkey
Best Southeastern European Film
DAM, by Giorgos Teltzidis, Greece
Best Animation Film
THE SHADOW OVER PRAGUE by Marek Berger, Belarus-USA-Germany
Special Award TV5 Monde for the Best Production
FUGAZI by Laurent Michelet, Belgium-France
Special Mentions:
1. For Male Acting to Peder Holm Johansen,  for the film “ODD JOB MAN”, Denmark
2. to Michael Hapeshis, director of the film “THE INSIGNIFICANT LIFE OF HELEN PAVLI”, Cyprus
3. to Gabriel Abrantes, director of the film “A BRIEF HISTORY OF PRINCESS X”,  Portugal-France-UK
A BRIEF HISTORY OF PRINCESS X’ , by Gabriel Abrantes from Portugal-France-UK
Human Values Award   by the Hellenic Parliament
‘GENARO’ by   Andres Porras – Jesus Reyes, Colombia
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