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Name: Sotiris Palaskas

Country: Greece

Genre: Thriller

Tagline: A love story

Logline: Dysfunctional in communication but self-absorbed T. (male, 25) is torn between the idyllic past of sensual but passive A. (female, 25) and the inviting future of dynamic but stranger X. (female, 30).

Synopsis: Τ. (male, 25) and Α. (female, 25) are the only passengers on a small ferry travelling somewhere in the Aegean one sunny summer day. They communicate to each other in sign language. They are in love. On the island, a steep footpath takes them to an isolated beach. They enjoy the nature like children, they set up their nest under a tree, they make love. Not a human soul around. One morning, as T. is going to the beach, he sees her. Tall, blonde and snow-white, X. (female, 30) has appeared on the beach. T. tells the news to A., but she doesn’t share his worry. When he takes her to see the stranger, the stranger has already gone, as if she was never there. Something has changed from now on. The stranger becomes an obsession for T., an object of desire and hatred at the same time. He sees her, or he think he sees her, on the beach, sunbathing, swimming, talking to her mobile – in English and in German. A., on the other hand, never sees her, not even once, and carefree continues singing her oriental songs. T. gradually changes. His behavior changes, his relationship with A., the way he treats her, the way he makes love to her. He becomes nervous and violent. One day, as he is swimming, he notices something on the bottom of the sea. He dives to take a better look. X. is seating on the seabed. A big bubble of air comes out of her mouth. A bubble of air comes also from T.’s mouth. The two bubbles go up, towards the surface, grow bigger, merge and become one. T. feels that he is choking but like something is holding him and cannot go up. He wakes up terrified. It is dawn. He steps out of the tent and goes to the beach. In the distance, surrounded by a cloud of dust and smoke, a noisy bulldozer is heading towards him.      

Short cv: Born in Komotini. Grew up in Serres. Studied in Thessaloniki, in Aristotle University. First, in the Department of Education and Philosophy, where I reached till the Ph. D. degree, then in the Department of Film Studies, from which I graduated in 2013. The last few years I live in Kos. I made some short films with my pupils in Evening High School of Kos, awarded in national competitions: Ηρώ (Hèro, 2015), Fortress Europe (2016), Χριστίνα (Christina, 2017). Fortress Europe was also awarded with the 1st Price (Grand Prix) in the international competition of school films FESTIMAJ (2016). I also directed a video-clip for the song x ouf by K. Bhta and participated in the creation of the video-clip for the song Do you hear me calling by Ti.po.ta. (a Manu Chao project). At the end of 2017 Nowhere, my first professionally made short film was completed (a greek-german co-production, starring Effi Rabsilber, Merlin Rose, Michael Gwisdek, Jella Haase) – premieres this September in Athens International Film Festival.    

Sponsors- Partners

Athens Premises: 71 Emm. Benaki st., Athens 10681, Greece - Tel: +30 210 3300309, Fax: +30 210 3302818
Drama Premises: 9 Agias Varvaras st., Drama 66100, Greece - Tel: +30 25210 47575, Fax: +30 25210 33526
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