Animation Programme 2023

46th Drama International Short Film Festival

Just like last year, the international animation community has flocked to pay tribute to the Animation section of the new edition of Drama International Short Film Festival.

From a total of 190 films submitted from around the world and Greece, 17 have been selected for participation, distributed between two 90-minute screening programmes. It was a tough call. The film selection was based on qualitative criteria and animation principles, always bearing in mind how they factor in the narrative structure to enhance the film’s dramatic effect.

The selected entries are a case in point: they have been created with a variety of techniques and aesthetic trends spanning different categories, from fiction to experimental animation and documentary. The selection’s themes and conceptual quests are also refreshingly diverse. This edition’s animated shorts probe into human relationships, branching out into different parameters such as loneliness, third age, the exploration of sexuality etc, but also tackling humanity’s rapport to the environment.

Based on the above, we are confident that the animation programme will cater to the audience with an outstanding panorama of the art of animation as a film genre. Let open air cinema turn into a sea of moving images, as dreams sail in tune with emotions on an engaging journey.

Spiros Siakas

  • Pina Jérémy Depuydt, Giuseppe Accardo (Belgium)
  • Fuga Antonis Doussias (Greece)
  • Teacups Alec Green – Finbar Watson (Australia, Ireland)
  • Eleven Vuk Jevremovic (Croatia, Germany)
  • Homemaker Ciara Kerr (UK)
  • Scratch Jakub Krzyszpin (Poland)
  • Kafka’s collection of porn Aristotelis Maragkos (Greece)
  • Her dress for the final Martina Mestrovic (Croatia)
  • Almost forgotten Dimitri Mihajlovic, Miguel Lima (Portugal)
  • Box cutters Naomi Van Niekerk (France, Netherlands, South Africa)
  • Trace Asparuh Petrov (Bulgaria)
  • Claw machine Georges Salameh (Greece)
  • The tornado outside Maria Tomazou (Greece)
  • The legend of Goldhorn Lea Vucko (Slovenia)
  • The murder of Olof Palme Joaquim Weibull, Paco Garcia (Sweden)
  • Greylands Charlotte Waltert, Alvaro Schoeck (Switzerland)
  • The island of us Yu Yu (Taiwan)