Animation Programme 2022

45th Drama International Short Film Festival

The International Animation Program involves 20 films – with the participation of 3 Greek films: “The incredible Mrs. Lien Mourlen” by Eleni Ksoupa, “In between” by Effie Pappa, and “A night at the cemetery” by Stelios Polychronakis.

The International Animation Jury Committee:

Sperer Sebastien, Member of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival
Maria Anestopoulou, Head Programmer of the Platforma Video and the Animasyros Festival
Panayiotis Kyriakoulakos, Assistant Professor in Computer Animation (University of the Aegean) and audiovisual and interactive projects producer.

As the Head Programmer Spiros Siakas notes “for the selection of the films we took into consideration, on one hand, the pluralism and the diversity of the creative techniques, and, on the other hand, the uniqueness of approaching and highlighting emotions and everyday situations under different, and often, unexpected perspectives. Within this context, the program involves films with two-dimensional and three-dimensional, stop motion and computer animation techniques on topics about the human relations and other important global issues, thus emerging diverse and complex emotions. Our main goal is to make the Drama city audience being actively involved in watching the animation films, entering into this universe of stories, and therefore deeply understanding this form of art”.


  1. “Spirit of the forest”, Nandini Rao -Nipura Rao -Kalp Sanghvi (India)
  2. “Brother nature”, Sophie Bird (United Kingdom)
  3. “Hi! How are you?”, Gaia Grandin-Mendzylewski (France)
  4. “Idodo”, Ursula Ulmi (Switzerland)
  5. “Farm well”, Pepijn Robben-Lucas De Man (Netherlands)
  6. “Mouse house”, Timor Leder (Slovenia)
  7. “The perfect fit”, Meinardas Valkevicius (Lithuania)
  8. “Autosaurus rex”, Marcel Barelli (Switzerland)
  9. “Gut feelings”, Vanesa S. Valliere – John Gregorio (USA)
  10. “Miriam”, Radu Nicolae (Romania)
  11. “The incredible Mrs. Lien Mourlen”, Eleni Ksoupa (Greece)
  12. “Meal on the plate”, Chenglin Xie (USA)
  13. “Hysteresis”, Robert Seidel (Germany)
  14. “Little smasher”, Gilles Cuvelier (France)
  15. “Bardo”, Aisling Conroy (Irland)
  16. “In between”, Effie Pappa (Greece)
  17. “The garbage man”, Laura Goncales (Portugal)
  18. “The pink jacket”, Monika Santos (Portugal)
  19. “My father’s damn camera!”, Milos Tomic (Slovenia)
  20. “A night at the cemetery”, Stelios Polychronakis (Greece)