44th Drama International Short Film Festival


As part of the will to shed light to animation program of the Drama International Short Film Festival, the international competition program of International Αnimation has been included. The response of the animation community to this invitation was extremely high.

471 animation films were submitted and 20 were selected, among them two Greek ones.

The films selected show pluralism in both their techniques and the themes they approach as well as the concerns they raise. Their common feature, however, is the technical perfection in animation and the excellent use of narrative and expressive means.

The techniques include, among others, traditional 2d and 3d and computer animation techniques, such as animation with plasticine, painting under the camera, digital painting, sketch, computer 3d, stop motion with embroidery and threads, mixed techniques.

The animation projection program is interspersed with a motion capture animation workshop and an augmented reality exhibition of student works of the MPS animation of the University of West Attica as well as with the active presence of Asifa Hellas.

Head Programer
Spyros Siakas

  1. MILA by Cinzia Angelini, USA
  2. PILAR by Yngwie Boley, J.J. Epping, Diana van Houten, The Netherlands
  3. THE TOWER by Sunčana Brkulj, Croatia
  4. THE CLASSMATE by Anastasia Dimitra, Georgios Gkavalos, Greece
  5. SWEET NOTHING by Joana Fischer, Marie Kenov, Switzerland
  6. THE VISIT by Mateusz Jarmulski, Poland
  7. THE QUIET by Radheya Jegatheva, Australia
  8. EYES AND HORNS by Chaerin Im, Republic of Korea
  9. FROM THE BALCONY by Aris Kaplanidis, Greece
  11. THE HANGMAN AT HOME by Michelle and Uri Kranot, Denmark
  12. THE AWAKENING OF THE INSECTS by Stephanie Lansaque, France
  13. ANXIOUS BODY by Yoriko Mizushiri, France
  14. MARMALADE by Radostina Neykova, Bulgaria
  15. MY BABUSHKA SMOKES A PIPE by Ivan Pavlov, Russia
  16. THE WORLD’S GREATEST HOME by Zubair Pradhan, Canada
  17. WALL UNIT by Joanna Polak, Poland
  18. FLY by Carlos Gómez-Mira Sagrado, Spain
  19. MONDO DOMINO by Suki, France
  20. STEP INTO THE RIVER by Ma Weijia, China