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The Drama International Short Film Festival, the great celebration of short film filmmakers, awaits your film for its 46th edition! Film submissions for the National Competition Programme, as well as for the other competition sections of the festival, are now open.

The Drama Festival invites filmmakers from all over the world to apply for the International Competition Programme and the International Student Competition Programme. No separate application is needed for the International Animation and Short & Green competition programmes.

This year, interested parties can apply and submit their films for the National and National Student programmes until May 15, whereas for the International, International Student and the new Kiddo competition programme, which aims at filmmakers, as well as children and teenagers who want to create films for children and young people, until May 8.

Films are submitted online to the

We remind you that in order to submit films to the National Competition, a Greek premiere is required, while only fiction, documentary, experimental and animated films completed after January 1, 2022 are accepted. Submission of participation is free for Greek and Cypriot directors.

To participate in the International Competition, films must be produced in 2023, the cost of submission per film is 15 Euros, while the duration of the film must not exceed 45 minutes. For the International Student Competition (2022-2023 productions), the submission fee is 5 Euros and the duration of the film must not exceed 20 minutes.

In any case, a Greek premiere is required.

The terms of participation are detailed here:



Kiddo marks the new aspirational opening of the Drama Festival to films in which children and young people are in the foreground. The acclaimed Drama actress Elena Mavridou will be the head of the programme, and explains the reasoning behind this new initiative of the Festival:

“No human being is more contemporary at this time than young children who can handle digital media with such comfort and knowledge. If this knowledge shifts towards the Arts, a breeding ground of new innovative ideas can be formed. Children’s emotional intelligence and critical thinking lay the groundwork for the future societies. The Drama Short Film Festival, through its many years of educating the pupils of Drama, offers educational programmes, screenings and cinema workshops for children. We are happy to announce the new Kiddo competition programme for films by professional filmmakers, as well as by children and teenagers. The competition addresses creators of films for children & teenagers with contemporary themes. Young creators are also given the opportunity to screen their films. Films made by children for children, aiming to activate their imagination and to cultivate their own aesthetic perception. The competitive nature of the programme aims to prepare young cinephiles, as well as future creators, for the art of cinema.”


SAVE THE DATE: this year’s 46th Drama International Short Film Festival will be held September 4-10. The opening will take place on Monday, while the award ceremony will take place on Sunday.

The National Short Film Festival is here to highlight new emerging talented filmmakers and to encourage the creation of short films as an autonomous category for creators of all ages.

The Drama Festival, a hub for filmmakers and audiovisual professionals, is considered one of the most important of its kind in Europe, providing contestants with an opportunity to compete for European Film Academy (EFA) awards.

More information: (Drama Festival Secretariat)
Drama Offices: tel. 25210 47575
Athens offices: tel. 210 3300309