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training workshop for short film filmmakers

What is it?

TSFM Word-Frame Greece is an intensive workshop aimed at guiding eight directors and/or screenwriters in the making of a short fiction or hybrid film (docu-fiction, creative documentary, animation with real elements, etc.). The workshop aims to provide participants with the basic knowledge and working tools useful for writing a script and realising a short film, i.e. those skills useful to start a profession in the film industry. Moreover the workshop aims to offer opportunities in order to increase their knowledge about the development of stories for short films, and the basics of production and distribution and about the festival circuit.


The workshop is open to all aspiring directors and/or screenwriters resident in Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, North Macedonia, Romania, Turkey who have been working on a short film project in the early stages of development (synopsis, short treatment, starting idea). Candidates with previous cinematographic and/or artistic experience are also admitted to the workshop. The workshop will be held entirely in English.

Where and When?

The workshop will take place over five days during the Drama International Short Film Festival from Monday 5th to Friday 9th September 2022. The participants’ presence at the workshop is mandatory. Participation will occur following the health protocols in force at the time of the workshop. These protocols will be communicated to the participants before the beginning of the workshop.

Selection and teaching.

A selection committee composed by members of Drama International Short Film Festival and TSFM will choose the eight participants. The teaching of the workshop is organised by TSFM and led by tutors with lengthy experience in script advisoring. The workshop is developed by MASSIMO D’ORZI, director, screenwriter and producer, MASSIMILIANO NARDULLI, curator, composer and script advisor. and ENRICO VANNUCCI, programmer, talent scout and distributor.

Registration and costs.

Registration for the workshop is free of charge. The deadline for registration is June 20th 2022. The eight selected participants will be notified by July 1st 2022.

Selected participants are guaranteed accommodation for six nights in partner structures of Drama International Short FIlm Festival. Travel costs, meals and any additional nights of accommodation are to be paid by the participants. The application form implies the acceptance of all the conditions listed above.


TSFM Word-Frame is an intensive international training workshop aimed at short film directors and screenwriters, developed by Massimiliano Nardulli, Massimo D’orzi and Enrico Vannucci and promoted by TSFM – tsfm.centrodelcorto.it.

Through both theoretical and practical training based on a successfully tested methodology, and under the guidance of the workshop’s tutors, eight selected filmmakers will be motivated to confront each other developing their respective short film projects over the course of five days.


Said methodology is based on collective work aimed to develop projects and new ideas. A series of tools taught via the dialectical relationship installed with tutors and other students will teach filmmakers to recognize and enhance the core of their work. The production feasibility, artistic values and socio-cultural contexts of the projects will be highly taken into consideration during the phase of development.

The workshop will also feature informative masterclasses that focus on the global short film industry — covering topics such as festivals, markets, distribution & sales companies, pitching sessions and the development of film dossiers.

Our teaching methodology aims to strengthen the quality and originality of the short film format. We intend to nurture short film projects that are deeply rooted into the national and international production and distribution chains of value, while still exhibiting a surprising and unique cinematographic language.

TSFM Word-Frame will happen over the course of a maximum ten workshops of which half will be set in Italy and the other half in five different European countries. An additional final workshop will be held in Italy during TSFM Vol. 7, towards the end of the Fall of 2022.

Via specific calls for projects released for each session, tutors will select eight filmmakers to participate in each workshop. A maximum of ten participants, at least one for each stage, chosen by the tutors on the basis of their work and projects, will ultimately attend the final workshop during TSFM.

This six-days long final session will focus on building production strategies for each short film project and will lead up to a pitching session and one-to-one meetings with producers and industry professionals. A prime objective of this final workshop is to create networks between Italian and European filmmakers coming from different backgrounds — nurtured by the tight collaboration among participants — and other film professionals via scheduled meetings.

We strongly believe that international networking — also deeply rooted to peculiar production chains of value from several areas and regions in Europe — can bring huge benefits to participants, as TSFM Word-Frame will be facilitating and accelerating not only the production and realization of their work-in-progress projects, but also the promotion through festivals and broadcasting & online circuits.

DISFF 44 (2021)



Undergraduate Program
“Film Writing, Practice & Research Studies”

The Ministry of Education in Greece has given the green light on the function of Film Studies in Drama, operated by the Hellenic Open University. The school (undergraduate program), which will be interconnected with the Drama International Short Film Festival, is expected to operate from the spring semester of the academic year 2022-2023. The courses will be carried out remotely, but there will also be live, on-site, workshops in the city of Drama.

An effort that took years to accomplish has finally achieved its goal. Contacts in Athens by the Mayor of Drama Christodoulos Mampsakos, the President of the Cultural Organisation of the Short Film Festival of Drama, George Demertzis, and the governing MP of Drama, Konstantinos Mplouchos, as well as the right timing and coordinated efforts of all the stakeholders, brought the plan to fruition.

It was a vision lingering for years for the Festival, and its fulfilment made Christodoulos Mamsakos, George Demertzis, the artistic director of the Festival, Giannis Sakaridis, who participated in the committee of lecturers of the Curriculum, and of course the president of the Hellenic Open University, Odysseus-John Zora, very content of the outcome. Unfortunately, the former artistic director of the Festival, Antonis Papadopoulos, did not get to see his dream come true.


The operation of the program, in combination with the dynamics and infrastructure of DISFF that every year welcomes the “new blood” of Greek and international film production, is expected to strengthen the educational role of the Festival and of course to highlight the city of Drama as one of the pre-eminently cinematic hubs of the Balkans and Europe; a city identified with the education and the projection of the future of cinema.

The film study program of the Hellenic Open University in collaboration with the Drama Short Film Festival will follow two directions: a theoretical one and a creative one, depending on the type of thematic units that the students will choose during their studies. The study title that will be awarded in each case will be the same as the title of the program, with the subtitle of the selected direction.

“Film Writing, Practice & Research Studies” program aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge to be able to work in various fields of audiovisual and film production, giving them the theoretical and practical supplies of a wide range of fields. At the same time, its originality derived from the fact of providing quality tertiary distance education beyond the “conventional” cognitive subjects related to cinema. It will deepen in issues of cinematography and narration, will provide knowledge in the field of animation and will enable teaching proficiency through innovative courses that link audiovisual production with education.

Admission of students will take place every semester.

The study in the Program is four years, that is eight (8) academic semesters.

More info: Secretariat DISFF
Drama premises: (0030) 2521047575
Athens premises: (0030) 2103300309