Br(e)aking Point - Φεστιβάλ Ταινιών Μικρού Μήκους Δράμας

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Br(e)aking Point


Name: Αλεξανδρος Κωστόπουλος

Country: Ελλάδα

Genre: Sports drama

Tagline: Victorious or defeated?

Logline: Peter, a 100-meter youth front-runner, refuses to use anabolic drugs as suggested by his coach. After winning the Olympic Games Qualifiers, he realizes that he was given anabolic steroids without being aware of it.

Synopsis: A little boy aged 5, Peter, living in an island, sees his father being arrested by the police. A siren patrol lights his crying face.
After ten years, Peter along with his best friend, Philip, train for the annual Track & Field school games. In the races, Peter is the first to go, and Philip second, both far exceeding, in competences, the rest of their classmates. Peter visits for first time his father, Miltos, who is in prison for embezzlement. Peter informs him that we will start professional training in Athens along with Philip, due to their excellent performances. However, Peter's registration to the Athletic Club of Athens requires the written consent of Miltos, as Peter is underage. Miltos' only desire is Peter to visit him when he will be released. Peter refuses his request, but Miltos finally signs the document.
In Athens now, Peter and Philip meet their new coach, Aris. Aris shows more sympathy for Philip despite the fact that Peter exhibits better performance times. Over time, Philip is constantly advancing and starts outperforming Peter, until a certain training session arrives when he manages to attain the required time for qualifying to the youth finals. Aris decides Philip to follow an individual training program for the qualifiers, while Peter is assigned to another coach. Philip reacts strongly to this, asking to continue his training with Peter. Peter, though disappointed, accepts Aris' proposal. Peter starts jogging at a neighborhood park every night to further improve his performance.
In a training workout, Phillip injures himself seriously staying out of the races, and returns to the island. Aris rejoins Peter and suggests taking some anabolics to improve his performance. Peter is extremely negative, although Aris reveals that Philip was taking anabolics for several time. Peter stops training, but Aris finally manages to persuade him to continue, only enhancing his vitamin blend. During the training workouts, Peter improves significantly his performance. One day before the final, Peter relaxes his muscles. He does not feel healthy and starts vomiting. In the changing rooms, just before the final, Aris encourages Peter. Peter wins the big final. He is the new champ. Peter’s father hears of his son’s victory from the radio in prison.
After the final, Peter is requested for anti-doping control. He goes to the toilet to give his urine sample, but he finds a full urinalysis cup already placed over the toilet flush. He realizes he is not “clear”. He gives the full urinalysis cup to the officer and follows his last instructions, desperately trying to hold back his tears. After the anti-doping control, Peter runs towards a small port. He throws his medal in the sea. Peter sees his reflected face on the water transformed into his father’s one. That was only a thought: Peter still holds the medal.
After several years, Peter’s father, Miltos, picks up his staff from his cell. The walls of the cell are covered with newspaper clippings, showing a successful career for Peter. Miltos comes out of prison. Peter’s mother embraces Miltos. Miltos is looking for Peter. Peter waits a little further, fulfilling his father’s desire. They are family again.

Author / Director
Short cv: Alexandros Kostopoulos was born in Athens, Greece, in 1984. He obtained his Diploma from the Directing Department of Film and TV School of L. Stavrakos, Athens, Greece. His student thesis film "Step into my shoes" was officially selected in several international film festivals (including London Greek Film Festival, Athens Digital Film Festival, etc). During his film studies, he wrote the screenplay and directed 6 short films in several formats (e.g., film 16mm, 3-camera setup, mini DV). He participated as an editor and assistant director in the short film “Eleni - 5A Liosion St” (official selection in Drama Film festival), directed by Yannis Soldatos. He also participated as assistant editor in the TV show “The Book”, broadcasted by NERIT (the main Greek public channel), in 2015. He has also participated in several short films, as assistant director, assistant producer and actor. During his school years, he wrote and directed the theatrical play “The new adventures of Antigoni” (which was awarded the “Special prize” in the Greek Student Theatrical and Ancient Theater Festival).

Short cv: SOUL productions was founded in 2015 to offer production services collaborating with Authorwave in post-production and camera equipment. Since our kick start, our company was eventually involved in numerous projects in all possible genres and aspects of the audiovisual sector. We were incredibly privileged to collaborate in different stages of various projects developed by our clients that include features and shorts, fiction & documentaries, as well as commercials and music-videos. We offer full production, post-production services and complete packages of digital cinema camera-equipment. Our collaborations were shown in many Greek and international festivals and received prestigious awards. SOUL productions was created based on our love for moving images and will continue to support, all kinds of narrative and innovative projects. 

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