Awards of 25th International Short Film Festival in Drama 2019 - Short Film Festival in Drama

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Awards of 25th International Short Film Festival in Drama 2019

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International Competition Awards 2019
The Jury of the 25th Short Film Festival in Drama comprising of:
Chairman       Ovidiu Georgesku        (Romania)
Members        Francois Bierry            (Belgium)
                       Jacques Kermabon       (France)
                       Nicolas Khabbaz          (Lebanon)
                       Diomides Nikitas         (Cyprus)
This year, at the 25th International Short Film Festival in Drama, we saw a very good, diverse and very interesting selection of short films. In one word, an amazing selection of short films.
This week, many topics with an interesting and personal cinematic perspective came and embraced us from the screen of Olympia Cinema. Each of these films told us, with emotion, stories about people from all around the world.
From this symphony of films, it was hard and challenging for the Jury to judge and award only a few. That’s why I believe all 67 films from the international competition reached to our hearts and are all winners.
Many thanks to all that made possible this edition, these selections and this great feast of cinema! Many thanks to everybody, especially to Antonis, to Sophia, to Vassilis, to Rania, to Irini and all of you!
For me and my colleagues ,it was a privilege and an honor to be in this Jury and to participate at the 25th International Short Film Festival in Drama.
After its final meeting on September 21st, the Jury decided to bestow the following awards:
Grand Prix 2019
To the film “Brotherhood” from Tunisia-Canada-Qatar-Sweden, by Meryam Joober
The Grand Prix Drama 2019 is awarded to a film that preserves its characters’ authenticity, initiative at the aesthetics of direction and manages to give a tone of a documentary while capturing a modern tragedy.
The award is accompanied by 4,000 euros by Raycap company.
Best Director
To the film “Lake of happiness” from Belarus-Germany-Spain, by Aliaksei Paluyan
For the sensitive story and the personal directing style that filled the audience with emotions.
Drama Short Film Candidate for the European Film Awards 2019
To the film “Weightlifter” from Ukraine-Poland, by Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk.
For the strong directing and the power of the protagonist’s situation in the universe of Ukrainian weightlifting.
Best Production Awards “TV5 MONDE”
To the film “Maras” from Spain, by Salvador Calvo
To an action film with a very convincing style that is about a politically frustrating case of people that are trapped between two continents.
#ThisisEU – European Values
To the film “Confession” from Cyprus, by Andras Sheittanis
For its antiwar message and the showcasing of the importance of the supreme good of peace and reconciliation, qualities on which the European construction is based on, the jury selected a film, in which the director creates a two-way relationship between the occupied and the occupier, between authority and religion, when the principles and values of each side are being tested, providing hope for a better tomorrow.
Best Southeastern European Film Award
To the film “Nellie” from Slovenia, by Gaja Möderndorfer  
For the empathetic imaginary world of a child that passes through the shadows and the light of the screen to narrate a story about a family universe somewhere in southeastern Europe.
Best Animation Film Award
To the film “Story” from Poland, by Jolanta Bankowska
The best animation film award is offered to a film that reflects modern society in a time of omnipresent technology in an ironic style filled with humorous and painful messages.
Special Mention
To the film “Pinky Promise” from Germany, by Sophie Linnenbaum
A sarcastic comedy playing with the lines between fear and love, a relentless satire of the democracy and dictatorship of speech.
The FIPRESCI Jury that consists of:
Igor Angjelkov from North Macedonia
Louise Dumas from France
Giannis Fragoulis from Greece
bestows the FIPRESCI Award to the film “Brotherhood” from Tunisia-Canada-Qatar-Sweden, by Meryam Joober
Hellenic Parliament TV Channel Award
The television channel of the Parliament bestows, for the fourth year, the “Human Values” Award of the Hellenic Parliament to a film of the international program of the festival, which crafts a bold surrealistic allegory for inhumanity, irrationalism and fanaticism that the formalistic compliance to impersonal rules can bring, in an imaginative way.
It is bestowed to the film “Pinky Promise” by Sophie Linnenbaum, from Germany
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